Getting my son to take a shower lol

Brittany - posted on 09/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello, my son blayne is 5, and the doctor is telling us that we need to try and get him to take a shower. which is fine, but he is so scared of it. We went out and bought special shampoo and soaps to make it fun and as soon as the water gets close to his face he goes crazy and wants to run striaght out of the shower.... help me !!!


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Jennie - posted on 09/25/2009




My son is five too. He has been taking showers for about a year now, but my goodess- the transition from the bath tub involved a lot of tears.(on both his and my part) He did not like the water over his whole body, so I pointed the shower head straight down, let him walk into the water himself, he would step out of the water to lather up, and then get back in to rinse. I think with him actually walking into the water himself, he felt very in control of the situation and it got much easier everyday. I know it sounds gross, and i'm not sure if your child watches TV, but my son sticks his face in the running water and drinks it. He says it's "mountain spring water" (From the cartoon Chowder). Hey, if it gets him in the shower, i don't mind! Try making some kind of game with him involving the water.

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my son was pretty similar. he hated showers but loved the bath, for some reason he seemed afraid of the shower head and the fact it fell over his body all at once and i think he didnt like the fact that it went on his face, so what we did was take him to buy a new removable shower head specifically for his bathroom and showed him how he can make the water stream out differently so he could decide how he liked it, and now we dont have any more problems with him wanting a shower, he still preffers a bath over a shower but at least its not like pulling teeth anymore. good luck!

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