Getting rid of bottles & formula!! HELP!

Shay - posted on 08/23/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




My little girl just turned 1 and i want to get rid of bottles and switch to cow's milk but she is not drinking the milk from sippy (or even the bottle). I am worried she isn't drinking enough! Should i just stick it out and hopefully she will get used to it and start drinking & eating more? Or should i just give up?!?


Crystal - posted on 08/23/2009




Both of my girls switched pretty easily. My youngest who is 17 months old now doesn't even use a bottle anymore. Actually she hasn't used one since she was about a year old. I think the key was mixing it for a few days, and then I just left the formula out all together. I've heard that adding the choclate helps too. Also sometimes I give my girls banana milk or strawberry. I got the mix at the store and they love it. Try different cups too. My youngest loves the cups with the handles, she loves to carry them As far as the eating more, is she eating table food or baby food? My little one just stopped eating baby food around a year old. She only eats oatmeal and sometimes the fruits when we need a little variety in fresh fruits. Other than that she only wants what we are eating. Just don't give up, everything will even out in the end :)

BERNADETTE - posted on 08/23/2009




hi i think she is still a little bit too young to stop having her usual milk formuler, just try to cut out the amount of milk feeds she has in a day and gradually your doughter will start eating more solids in my expeareance the children just love their bottles its like a comfort to them, you may have tried giving her water or other diluted drinks in a trainer cup this is good but keep trying you know your doughter better than anyone your doing a good job so dont give up just dont rush her and in time everything will fit in to place. I worried about allsorts ehen my children were young all mothers do, inow that they have all grown so fast i wish i relaxed a bit more and spent even more time with them, we cant usually wait for our children to do this or that, but just take it easy and enjoy each end everyday becouse soon you will look around a very eyesnd they would have grown up right before our eyes,

Jen - posted on 08/23/2009




I made it a 4 week process. I'd mix 2 oz. of milk and the rest formula and increased by 2oz. of milk each week. In the process I also eliminated a bottle a week and replaced it with a sippy cup. If you see that she's not taking it even when mixed with formula then I'd try a different milk. Try 2% instead and then make sure you give her the extra vitamins and fat that the vitamin D milk offers. Trail and error. Figure out what works best for her. Don't give up.


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Lenora - posted on 08/24/2009




I just took it away, and that was that. Im not sure if that helps you but in all honeslty if you really want it gone you just get rid of it. How do you know she isnt drinking enough? She should have far less cows milk than formula and more water in a sippy.

Chloe - posted on 08/24/2009




hey both my children were on cows mild by age 12 months i started it by them havin one cows milk n the rest formula n then increased it n they got used to it. my eldest refused cows milk to start with so i started putting it with her cereal n let her watch n wen she had a bottle i made it half milk half water n she got used to it also another trick i got told was to add a small amout of flavouring not even enough to clour it then slowly take it away remember every child is different and it takes time

Jessica - posted on 08/24/2009




There are sippy cups from brorn free. You can get them at babies r us. $10 a sippy kinda pricey but worth every penny. they r great to ween off a bottle, then add some other sippys after they get use to the born free ones. worked great 4 me and friends. and mix formula and milk works great 2. good luck

Catriona - posted on 08/24/2009




Hi Shay,

I wonder if maybe your little girl is not ready yet to give up her formula and bottle yet? my son is 16 months old and just this week he has stopped using his bottle (he was only having it once in the morning and going to bed, he used a sippy cup through out the rest of the day for cows milk and water). I switched him over to the tommy tippy nuby straw cup and he took to it so well that we got rid of the bottles. i still keep him on the Growing Up Milk 1+ formula thou as I see the vitamins and minerals in it as being really important for him. He will drink cows milk too through out the day too.

I looked for signs of him to be ready to give up his bottle and didn't think he was fully ready til now, and that's why I think the transition was so easy for him - cause he was ready!

Catríona - x

Gemma - posted on 08/24/2009




My son has full fat cows milk on his breakfast and a 9oz bottle of it as well. I gave him cows milk at night as well but he kept waking up at 3am wanting more so I put him back on formula for bed time in a bottle he is 18 months. He has a sippy cup for milk, tea and juice during the day but a bottle first thing and at bed time, it is a comforter for him.

Megan - posted on 08/23/2009




Hi Shay, Thank you for your post. My daughter is only 8 months but I'm already concerned about the bottle weaning too. I also want to stop using the bottle at 12 months. Currently our daughter uses a sippy cup for water, as we haven't given her juice yet, But she won't take formula in th sippy cup either. I apreciate the post and the comment thread as well. This as given me tips to prepare for our time as well. Again thanks,

Lindsay - posted on 08/23/2009




I just switched it cold turkey. First, we used the nuby cups that have a similar top to the bottle. You may also let the milk warm a little so it's not ice cold until she gets used to it. If she doesn't have the option of the bottle, she will drink from the cup. I wouldn't give up if I were you because the longer she is on the bottle, the harder it will be to get her off of it. I hope this helps a little bit. Good luck! =)

Kasie - posted on 08/23/2009




Well my little one wouldn;t take cows milk unless it had choc, in it. And it wasnt even to color. But after about 2 weeks of choc milk she takes regular now. And i just up and told her 3 days before she turned one big girls take sippy cups because she would drink outta it all day, and she hasnt touched one since.

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