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My daughter Rylie is 14 months old, I think I want to start potty training but I dont know where to start! Im thinking this weekend I'll go buy her a potty but how do I get her to tell me when she is or has to potty? There is this book you can get online for like 20 bucks and I was wondering if it worked, is it worth the money? Has anyone read or heard of someone that has used this book and can tell me if its worth the money or not?


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I read an article before I started potty training my daughter that said to first buy the potty and put it out with her toys so she can play with it for a while and get used to it. Then it said to start sitting her on it with her diaper on when you know she is going potty. Then you take the diaper off after a while and she will go in the potty.

I started this process at 18 months and thought this was really frustrating until my daughter was about 2 and she started really talking and I could reason with her. I have read things that say potty training before they start talking is more about training yourself to the child's potty schedule.

I think 14 months is probably a little soon to start, but every kids is different.

Oh yeah and I have also read and saw with my daughter that once she started going in the potty, she would do really well for a while and then would go right back to going in her pull up. This was because she was learning other stuff like drawing and her letters, etc and her brain was busy with the new stuff she forgot about potty training.

Once Alexis was older, like 2 and a half, she started having accidents all the time in her pull up. It was not until we put her in panties and she got herself all wet and gross that she stopped. I think it was because she thought it was easier to just go in the pull up then go to the bathroom. Like I said that stopped when we put her in panties.

Now she is three and is totally potty trained, except at night. Good luck, I thought potty training was frustrating until I stopped trying to force her to do it and just started waiting for her to do it herself. Waiting for her to be ready worked best for me!

My son is going to be two in July and we have not even started. He is only saying a few words and I can see that there will be no way for him to tell us he needs to go potty. So, we are going to wait until he is like two and a half and then start.

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