getting threats from the baby daddy and now his mother! what do i do?!?

Megan - posted on 11/04/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 19 and due in two weeks, i have been receiving threats from the father and his family for a good month or two now ever sense he left me and cheated. They say how he will file for full custody or 50% custody so he doesnt have to pay child support for a 3 kid. I then consulted a lawyer because i was tired of this harassment. I had a lot cleared up for me and decided when i have the money to hire them to protect me and my child. The other day my ex/baby daddy came to my parents house were i am now living with my car and some money to pay e back for buying more baby items and to let me get the rest of my stuff out of the car. We then started arguing and he came into the house and my mother and he husband stood there and took his side in everything he said! They did not support me at all, this is the same guy that left me in so much debt, cheated, made me cry, left me twice, and owes them a lot of money for living in their house for free!! I left the house and he called the cops on me saying i was going to kill myself, I was then taken to the er to be checked and released with in an hour. He came back with his mother, his step dad, his brother and his brothers gf to return my car and take back the payment he made on the car for using it. I stayed inside listening the whole time while my mother and her husband again stood out there laughing with her and talking to her and again not standing up for me and allowing her to say im not stable and how she will be making phone calls so her son wont be screwed over (he is 26) As well as how he tells her that im doing drugs and wanting to give her up for adoption and that means i dont love my child! I then had it i jumped in to stand up for myself and clarify all these things but no one will listen to me! She then decided it was time to leave and said that she will know when the baby is born and take her away from me! Or help her son do the same because im unfit! I know as a grandparent she has no rights but now my own mother seems to be on her side and if this goes to court im worried that i wont have anyone in my corner fighting for my rights and saying that im responsible and a good mother. This is causing me so much stress now and how can they put an innocent baby in the middle if they really are concerned about her?


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Candace - posted on 11/04/2012




First I want to say I'm sorry you're going through this. Next I want to tell you that you should start recording any type of conversations that takes place between you and them that way you can have a recording of what's really going on instead of word of mouth. You should file a restraining order or at least an injunction against him and his parents so they are not able to harass you. In order for them to get custody they have to really prove you're unfit or unstable just saying that will not get them custody and I feel like their just saying to get you to give the baby to them. Continue to do what you've been doing, preparing for your daughter. You should really look into getting some type of protection order against them though because you really don't need the drama and stress right now

Emily Michelle - posted on 11/04/2012




OMG! I feel for you. Your story brings tears to my eyes. I will pray that God gives you the strength to face these people in court and everything works out for you and your child. keep your chin up! You are obviously a very strong woman. God will help you through this if you ask him. It is mind boggling how cruel people can be. Makes me sick to my stomach!

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