Getting use to lack of sleep with a new born

Fiona - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




it's amazing how we seem to be able to cope with little sleep and even broken sleep at night when you have a newborn, now i can see why they say that you sleep more while your pregnant you seem to store it up fro when you have your baby.

sometimes i can get my little one to sleep in his bassinett other times we have fallen asleep on the lounge for hours at a time or he ends up in bed with us and he seems to sleep better.


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Carrie - posted on 09/17/2009




i did the same thing when mine waz a newborn but he is almost 3 months and sleeps in his own bed i know u have to be careful sleepin wit them but for me everytime he made any noise id wake up or even if my husband moved id put my arm to make him move over every time even if he waz on the other side of the bed but ya letting them sleep wit u all the time will be bad in the long run my sis did and now in her king size bed she has her 3 kids wit her and everytime i stay at her house i usually steal her bed then i get two kids wit me so just watch out lol

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I don't think you ever really get used to the sleep deprivation, you just find ways to get through it. Personally, I think co-sleeping is wonderful. If definitely helped me get through the long nights, and helped with breastfeeding. I would recommend it to anyone. However, if baby is going to sleep along with you, make sure you are doing it safely - no heavy blankets or pillows, no drugs or alcohol for anyone in the bed, and don't co-sleep on a couch. If it is done correctly, co-sleeping will reduce the SIDS risk, and also allow you and baby to get more rest.

Felicity - posted on 09/17/2009




i know how you feel that's how we started but we've gotten him used to his own bed and us in our own. They do tend to sleep more with us but if bub gets used to sleeping with you bub'll expect to sleep with you all the time and i've heard somewhere on the grape vine you shouldn't have new babies sleeping with you due to SIDs but just be careful if you want bub to keep sleeping with you

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