Getting your toddler off the bottle

Lauren - posted on 04/07/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is turning 3 in May and i can't get him off the bottle. He doens't walk around with it and we don't take it with when we go to the shops. He doesn't use it at all during the day at school but the moment he walks into the house and sees me, he wants it. He wont go to sleep without it either... Please any advice on how to stop this or anyone else with the same problem


Ashley - posted on 04/13/2010




hi, i know how funny this sounds but it has worked on both of my toddlers... when it was time to say byebye to the bottle i put baby formula in it and had a sippy cup with milk and let them choose what one they wanted... they both chosed the bottle took one drink and gave me a funny face... i told them to throw that nasty thing away and take the sippy cup... its a funny way to do it but it does work

Anna - posted on 04/11/2010




Hello, I went through the same thing with my kids. I am thinking if he only wants the bottle when he see's you might be a comfort thing for him. What I did, is get rid of all the bottles but one. Take him to the store and have him pick out a special night night cup. When comes time for bed, fill the night night cup with milk, and fill the bottle with watered down milk. For the first week I would say will be kinda hard, but what will happen is he will want the bottle he will take a drink and not like the taste very much. When he takes a drink of the sippy cup ( the special night night cup) he will like the taste better. I used this with my kids and it worked for me. I hope this will help you out! and again do the same thing when you are home and he is around you.

Good luck to you :)

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Schollin - posted on 04/13/2010




get rid of it completely if you don't have one to give him you cant give in.

Heaven - posted on 04/13/2010




Wow, I took both of my sons bottles away when they turned 1. I did it right on their birthdays. They had already been acquainted with a sippy, so we made a big ordeal out of throwing away the bottles and using the big boy cup! I say just make it into a party, he might feel as though its fun and then go along with it better.

The sooner you get rid of it, the better off you will both be! If they can drink out of a sippy cup then they do not need the bottle at all.

Amber - posted on 04/13/2010




My 3 year old son has just stopped using his bottle about 3 months ago. I started out by just taking it away during the day he cried for a few hours straight but then was fine. Then a few weeks later I took it away during the night to. I did give him a sippy cup for the night but during the day he is on a regular cup. It was a long first few hours but very well worth it.

Valerie - posted on 04/11/2010




He is ready to be done with it...if he gets bottles with anything other than water at this point, switch to can gradually dilute until it is water...and once it is water he probably won't want it anymore...if he still does I would throw out all the bottles and give him a nice soft stuffed animal and say the bottles are all gone...all the best

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