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my daughter is 3 in August and up until 4 weeks ago would only settle to sleep in her pram. i am happy to say now she is taking herself off to bed. However there is 1 thing that has yet to change and that is the fear of the MAN! Now i like to pretend i dont belive in ghosts but the fact is im terrified sometimes its through the day and can be as subtle as looking at a specific point and saying that theres a man. Other times she wakes up screaming saying she saw the MAN and looking outside her bedroom door. Im seriously freaked anyone have any words of comfort? is this normal?


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Lesley - posted on 04/28/2009




wow. well iguess its a little more normal than i thought. Still scares me though and ive just found out that it was my aunties (by marriage) mum and dad lived there and her dad died in the house so thats not helping! thank you anyway for all your help i just hope she grows out of it FAST x x x

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i had this problem once n it can be totally inocent my eldest used to say she had a friend called john and as she got older i realised it was all make believe, alot of children ,especially toddlers go through this stage n not all name them they mite jus say man or lady ...... dont worry to much n dont be afraid to ask ur child about this MAN? ask wat e looks like wats hes name get them to start a lil convo bout it .

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My son is only 2 months old but he always stares in one part of the living room and makes scared facial expressions. We have joked around like "maybe he sees dead people" but now it seems more freaky. I know someone died in the house next door and he could be looking out the window so it gives me chills sometimes. I don't really know if i believe in ghosts or not but I am definately good at scaring the crap out of myself.

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Thats so freaky, i dont know if i believe in ghosts as such but i do believe that children can see things that our aduld minds can just not register. I just dont think a 2 year old can make up a lie like that. I was 15 when my mum had my little brother and i remember looking after him somtimes and i would see him talking to himself, when i asked him who he was talking to he would tell me it was a red hair lady. It used to totally freak me out. He said she was always in the house but couldnt come outside with us.

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Hey, wow that would be completely scary...My MIL had a 'man' that used to sit on the end of her bed at 2am in the morning and he would change the channels on the tv!

Also a friend of mine always felt as if someone was watching her while she was home alone...she is really religious and had her house blessed and never felt anything after that...I also heard that if you just ask them to leave they will...not sure if this will work but it is worth a try...Hope this helped you :)

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