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i have a girl shes 21/2 n i just had a boy hes 3 mths.ive ben threw all great stuff with my daugther playing barbies dressing her all cute playing princess to looking for snails outside not spiders coz shes scared:) sure shes had a few tantrums along the way but i wouldnt trade her for the world. ive ben told by alot of mothers that oys are soo much better as mom myself i truly dont get that but im wondering if anyone else feels that way n if so why.


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WIth my two, my daugther being 3 and my son 1 1/2 I think my son is easier. My daughter always has been more active, talks alot, whines more, has always been VERY strong willed, and was a very difficult baby. My son is just more laid back, still active, but doesn't go a mile a minute like my daughter. He doesn't talk much, just goes with the flow, most of the time. He was an easier baby then my daughter. I don't know maybe it was just the luck of the draw or just different personalities. Now I would never trade my daughter for anything, but she challanges me alot more than my son.

Glendeen - posted on 05/18/2009




I only have one child, a daughter and she is 13 months old .. she is amazing! But he father always says what do I need a little boy for when I have her ... she is so rough and active, you really have to keep an eye one her! But she also is ery sweet and loves shoes lol!!! So I think its a personality thing too. My brother had two boys and they are completley different in every way!!!!

Sarah - posted on 05/18/2009




I would have to say that girls are difinately harder. Maybe that's just my kids' personalities though and not jsut because of gender! Anna (4) was SO VOCAL from the time she was born! Benji (2) will talk, but he's also more laid back and more willing to play on his own. Anna is constantly talking, even if it's just to herself. Somedays I literally have to send her to her room, just to give my ears a break. And yes she gets lots of attention and one on one time, so I think maybe it's just because she's a girl. (Her cousin, an 8 year old girl is nothing like that though, so maybe it is personality?!)

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Well, I have a girl that's 4 and a boy that's 2 1/2 and they are very different and were fom the start. I can't say that one is better than the other because it depends on what we are talking about. My girl is very dramatic and opinionated so if something is wrong you know it. She is also very cautious and loves her babies, barbies, and playing princess but when it comes to getting dirty outside it really isn't her thing. My boy is more quiet and very adventurous! I have to keep an eye on him more because he's not scared to try anything! My daughter is harder emotionally but my son is harder physically.

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I wouldn't say either is better or better behaved. I think it also has a lot to do with the way you raise them. My son is an easy going guy (he is now 8) and my daughter is more active and the one I have to watch (she is now 5) I think since my son is my oldest he got all of my attention then when my daughter was born I had to split the attention between both. I wouldn't say boys are more active and girls are better behaved... It all depends on the child. My son is definitely more laid back and a go-with-the -flow type whereas my daughter, well, lets just say she is strong-willed! You will love how different your son is and all the boy things he will be into. Although, if he wants to play with his sister he will probably pick up a barbie or baby doll on occasion!

Jenny - posted on 05/17/2009




I have two girls and my son is almost 1 now. He is so different from my two girls and I see more and more as he gets older. He is more intrested in figuring out how things work instead of the thing itself as my girls wouldn't care as much. I also have to watch him like a hawk. With my girls I could pretty much trust them not to do what I told them not to do, they learned very fast and listened. My son listens I know he understands the word no and that I don't want him to do something but he turns right around and does it anyways. As he gets older I expect to find more things that are very different about him.

Kim - posted on 05/17/2009




I have two boys and they are different from girls in some ways. They like to play rough but the fits are still there. I believe when it comes to tantrums and emotions it depends on their personality. I would say that boys are not as whiny as girls but they do have their moments.

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