Going potty with toddler while menstruating...

Amanda - posted on 03/05/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




So...I have a 3 year old girl and my husbands sister decided to take her to the bathroom while on her period, not only did she show my daughter what a tampon looks like (without a wrapper) but put in a new one right in front of her. My daughter was in the care of her Grandma at the time. Now every time she sees someone going potty she asks them if they are going to stick trash up their butt.....I have no idea how to approach this situation! Obviously I'm trying to not make it a big deal to my daughter, but I mean seriously I am her mother, I have yet to do that in front of her...


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Michelle - posted on 03/07/2013




I haven't been able to go to the bathroom in peace for nearly 12 years!!!! That also means when I have my period. My youngest is 3 and she has seen me change a pad every month since she could walk and follow me. I tell her that's what happens when girls become women and it's normal. She just says I've done a poo in my nappy but that's what she understands at the moment. I do correct her though.

It's a part of being a woman and nothing to be ashamed about. If you're not ready to discuss it with your daughter then just get everyone to ignore her comments and she will soon give up.

Penelope - posted on 03/06/2013




Hi there! So, I live in a Beautiful place in Northern California where we respect a woman's Moon Cycle to the fullest and we believe in telling our children the truth when its time. Your childs Aunty maybe went a little to descriptive on the matter, but now its done and your daughter can be informed in a honoring matter. Just explain to her what happens when a Girl becomes a woman. Our "moon" is a blessing. My daughter, who is almost 7 now, knows about it, as well as my 3 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. They have a childs understanding of what happens to girls when they become of age. In any indigenous place in the world, its time to have children. Being that our society is not equipped with in touch humans, we do not want our girls bearing children quite yet. Its such an honor to be a woman and have daughters, I think being truthful to her and making sure that she can talk with you about it, is key. Sweet Blessings, and there is NOTHING embarassing or troubling with your situation.

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