going to sleep.or ptten them to bed is hard


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Lacy - posted on 08/19/2009




I agree with christy, but with my son i had to go a little farther. See if i was doing something and he could hear the TV and see the light in the living room he wanted to know what was going on. So what i have to do after i put him down is putt the volume on low or turn it to music. Also he has a night light so that if i turn the light off in the living room he wont be able to see the light from the TV.

Christy - posted on 08/19/2009




My advice is to start a bedtime routine with your child. First set a bedtime. Keep that bedtime everynight. Then do bathtime, then downtime. During downtime you read a book, sing quite songs, or tell a bedtime story. Then at bedtime you put your child to bed. Tell them, "its bedtime darling", kiss them goodnight and tuck them in. Then leave the room. If your child gets up tell them, "its bedtime". For everytime they get up after that don't say anything just take their hand and lead them back to bed. This could take anwhere from 15 minutes to 4hours. Its hard work, but its worth it. After about 3 or 4 nights, your child will be falling asleep in no time. Also, a nap or 2 during the day may help your child not be so restless. When they are too restless they are too tired to fall asleep. I get my advice from the show SuperNanny on ABC. Or check out Nanny 911 on CMT. They have a great bedtime routine idea.

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