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how do I get my child's grandparents to respect me as a mother ....I'm 26 years old and every time I say something about how I want things done with my daughter they do it differently and because of I having to do their way in order to keep my baby happy .....such as what I feed her I give her baby food and her grandparents give table food so when I feed she turns head because she wants the table food she is 10 months old


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1. Choose your battles. Try to remember that a loving relationship with grandparents is hugely valuable. Some of the stuff you dislike probably matters a lot less than a strong grandparent-grandchild relationship. Don't take everything they do as failing to respect you, and let little stuff slide.

2. Avoid the opportunity. If you don't like the way they care for your baby don't let them care for the baby. Have them come to your house for visits. Situate the baby at meals so you can feed her and they can't, or don't be at their house for meals. Orchestrate situations to circumvent problems.

3. Seriously consider their point of view. Their experience can be a resource to you. For example, there are definite benefits to offering regular table food over special baby food. It's often cheaper and you won't be getting sucked in by a lot of crap marketing to gullible parents. Sharing the same food more fully includes the baby in the meal. Offering table foods from the start avoids transition issues - some babies get hooked on the texture of baby food. It's easier to not have to plan special meals for the baby since they really aren't necessary. None of our four children got baby food. They ate what we ate. We just made sure to give them unprocessed food (chicken, not chicken nuggets, for example) and made sure to mash it or cut it into appropriately sized pieces.

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