Handling possible sleep regressions - moms who don't sleep train (yet)

Saraphung1 - posted on 03/07/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there!
I have a 3.5 month old baby girl who is possibly going through an earlier sleep regression phase?!? I don't believe it's a growth spurt anymore because she is not nursing as much during the day, just her normal 2-3 hours. She is exclusively breastfed. She is a quick nurser and only nurses for about 10 minutes per session but I believe she is just more efficient now as her wet and dirty diapers are plenty.

Lately, since she's been 11 weeks old her sleep pattern has been unpredictable but last night was the worst waking almost every hour until I put her in bed with me but even that I got every 2 hours or so. I expect her to wake 2-3 times to nurse at this point but the 4-5 wakings are killing this momma lol!

I'm looking for advice from moms (that don't sleep train or at least didnt sleep train until 6 months) and how they dealt with the sleep regression. I try to feed on demand and we have a bedtime routine of bath, nurse, rock to sleep then bassinet. Unfortunately she doesnt even nurse to sleep lol she stopped doing that around 6 weeks so rocking bouncing is the only way so far.

Thanks for any advice!!


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Jodi - posted on 03/08/2014




The only thing I have to suggest is trying to offer her feedings more frequently during the day. This might increase her caloric intake during the day, therefore reducing her need at night.

Michelle - posted on 03/08/2014




Babies like to throw us curve balls every now and then without reason. It may last for a few days or a couple of weeks but she will eventually sleep better. There aren't any magic routines that work for every child unfortunately, it's a case of trial and error to find what works for and your baby.

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