Hard time losing baby weight? Anyone? Help?

Laura - posted on 08/12/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Okay so I married my husband at 125lbs. Over 2 yrs time gained 15 lbs up to 140 lbs, I was ok with that. Got pregnant with twins breastfed for 18 months and I still have 10lbs hanging on so 150 lbs. Got pregnant second time with #3 and have 10 lbs still hanging on and he's 5 months old so 160 lbs. By the time my twins were 4 months old it was just the 10 lbs left. SO I have 20 lbs hanging on and It won't go away I eat pretty healthy and I'm pretty active as I run my own daycare but I can't kick this 20 lbs. Help, anyone else have this problem???

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Renee - posted on 09/16/2012




Have you tried thermofit? or Greens? They work great! The thermofit increases your metabolism all naturally with no stimulants like caffeine. The greens help to detoxify your body allowing you to burn more fat. I have lost 27lbs since 8/2/12.

The website is http://anewyouin45min.myitworks.com

Brittany - posted on 08/13/2009




when i was prego with my daughter, i gained 55lbs.. i was like, wtf! i couldnt believe it. I dk what i was doing wrong.. i even played soccer and ran up until i was 7 months prego. But i just kept gaining. The doctor told me the whole "walking" thing to lose weight is mostly for mothers who didnt have a very active life before or during pregnancy. I lost 20 lbs right after i had her from just water weight... but i still had like, almost 35 lbs to go and it didnt wanna come off for NOTHING! I even breastfed exclusively... no help.... So once my daughter turned 8 months, and i still hadn't lost the weight, i got really really determined!!! I set a routine for my self... and i did pilates! THEY ARE AWESOME! It was kinda hard to find time to work out alot alot, but i added stuff into my everyday life. Twice a day when I would walked down the hall (just the hall) I'd only do it only by lunges.. getting to where i was going and back made one. Sometimes it would motivate me to do it a couple of times just to do it. So that was good. Also every night before I went to sleep, on weekdays though not all the time on weekends ( i still do this also ) , I would do leg lifts before I went to bed. (and before i was prego i did crunches also during the same setting... im due in 5 weeks! :) YAY! lol) Just different things added into my everyday activity! It really helped alot! Also I dont drink soda, and havent for many many many years! (like since i was in 6th grade.. lol)... and I limited tea && coffee... green tea is good though. Just by doing all that and then running when i could and eatting right, i lost all my weight plus some! And that was all in 3 months time! Hopefully i'll be able to lose weight faster this time around! Especially since i've only gained 30 this time!! Good luck and Kudos to you for not giving up after all this time!!! Hope it all works out && you find what works for you!

Hanna - posted on 08/13/2009




yeah, i have about 20 lbs to go too at 5 1/2 months. i lost more but then gained some back because lately i've been craving sweets & icecream, don't know why (and no, i'm not pregnant again). i'm still breastfeeding so i know my appetite yoyos. but i'm trying to walk as much as i can and go to the pool and swim at least twice a week. that seems to help (when i swam every day and spent more time outside, i lost much more weight), i think now that i'm staying at home more, i eat more because i'm bored.

my problem is that i've always eaten what i wanted and never had to diet, so i guess now that i'm not working (i used to work in a restaurant so i would be constantly walking around), i can't lose the weight. the comforting thing is that i'm only a size bigger than what i was pre-pregnancy, so i'm hoping once i start working, it'll come off.

but with other moms, i heard that they used to do walking sessions (walk 3-5 miles daily) or power-walking sessions or go swim if you can or just get out of the house if possible -- spend the day outside, weather is nice, so park, mall, anything to not be in the 4 walls and think about food :). seemed to have worked for me in the past :) good luck to you!

Leah - posted on 08/12/2009




well....i have about 35 pounds to loose after my second. i am not sure how to drop it? he is 5 months now and i am sooo hungry after i breastfeed. maybe we should watch our portion size and eat small snacks throughout the day? keep up the energy and keep from over eating at meals???? that is what i am going to try-keep me posted with how you do. just remember your kids only see their beautiful and caring mommy-not the size of her pants:)

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