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This is a rant and a question.

We have 2 wonderful kids 3 and 15mths, and in an ideal world with lots of money we would have 6 kids now, and be foster parents when our other kids are older.

However this is not that world, and money is not free and easy for us.

We are meant to be talking next May when our daughter turns 2 about if we are trying for more. We both want to have more, but we are both worried that we won't be able to afford it. We would need to move and get a bigger car. We currently live in a tiny 3brm town house that has no more room in it at all. And an old 5 seater car.

On top of that I have PCOS which means we would need help even getting pregnant, and the chance of twins is 5times higher. I would love to have twins, if that is what happened, but how can we afford it? And what if it ends up more then twins!?! How would we manage 5 or 6 children under 6yrs!

I really want to have more kids, and don't want to wait to long. I am 27, but the women in my family tend to go into very early menopause (the youngest at 34) and I don't want to miss out on having them. But I don't want to make it to hard in any other aspect either.

I am really starting to feel stressed about this, and just wanted to get it off my chest, and see what others thought.



Brittany - posted on 08/10/2012




There will never be the perfect time to have children... If we all waited for the perfect time - no one would have children, if you and your spouse want more kids, have more kids, we always find a way to make it work. I do understand being concerned of finances ect. and it can weigh heavy on your decesion - however if it was me, I would do it ;) Babies don't need gold bottles, they just need a mommy and daddy who love them and will raise them right.

Good luck to you :)

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