Having trouble falling pregnant

Jenny - posted on 04/24/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Me and my husband have been trying for a few months now to have another baby I was on the depo for a year havnt been on it now 5 months would anyone have any ideas that could help?


Tara - posted on 04/24/2012




it took me a whole year after coming off the depo to get pregnant,(had it in 5 and half yrs though) and i never actually got my period before i found out, so it just all depends,

Louise - posted on 04/24/2012




It can take up to a year for the drugs to be completely out of your system and for your monthly cycle to sort its self out. If you have no luck after a year it is worth getting some blood work done to make sure that your hormones have settled and that everything is ok with your partner.


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Lori - posted on 04/27/2012




Stop Trying!

Please don't take that wrong. I am not saying to not try and have more kids. I am saying that in my experience if you are "trying" to have a baby it takes longer than if you don't "try". Have fun and enjoy sex with your husband. Forget about having a baby and it will happen. My husband and I weren't "trying" for our first. We went on the premise of if it is supposed to happen it will. We weren't even in that mind set when we got pregnant with our second (it was a surprise). Good luck and enjoy it. "Trying" just makes it a chore and frustrates both of you which doesn't help the process at all.

Bonnie - posted on 04/25/2012




A few months is not all that long at all to be trying especially when you are coming off of birth control. The best thing to do is to try not to stress over it and it will help you to be more relaxed.

Ashleigh - posted on 04/24/2012




Myself & my husband have been trying since we got married in 2008 and finally got pregnant in october of last year. we were ecstatic then turned to our worst nightmare i ended up having to have emergency surgery i was bleeding internally almost lost my own life we ended up loosing the baby :( it has been not only physically hard but more emotionally than anything. we tried everything to get pregnant and nothing worked until we finally gave up so i would love to know some more tips on how to get pregnant as well for when were are ready to try again. I have not been on birth control since my son was 2 and he's now 10 so i don't believe the whole birth control thing very much because i know people who forget to take it and bam they are pregnant or people who get off it and are pregnant right away all i can say to you is don't give up hope & try not to stress about it that doesn't help trust me i know.

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