Having trouble with my baby's father?!?!

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So I got out of a horrible reltationship about a year ago, jumping right into a crazy road trip with this new guy. We fell madly in love and were going to run away and get married (yatta yatta...) Anyways I became pregnant. He was really emotionally supportive. We moved in together, and even though I was a crazy hormonal biaatch..he stayed and tried to help out. Our little boy is now almost 4 months old. My finace is a very emotional and loving guy, but he would rather go play cards with his buddys or "hang out" rather than look for work. (we live in a small rural town..so work is scarce anyways). I am a stay at home mommy right now, i work in the summer since we live in a tourist town. I guess i just feel like there is no passion between us, on my part at least. I know he is crazy for me, but he is so lazy and would rather smoke weed than try to work. We are barely scraping by, i do the best i can trying to be conservative with our money. What should I do? I mean i love him, but i dont know if i am in love with him. Am i being to hard on him??


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Well, you could use this...ask him if he'd rather stay at home with the baby and do what you do all day while you work and see if he will give you the answer you're wanting. I use that line on my boyfriend all the time. I'm a stay at home mom as well, but whenever I want him to do something, I usually through that line at him, and of course, he'll get his act together. I don't know if that will help, but if your boyfriend hasn't gotten through in his head of the consequences that may happen because of his laziness, then he may never get it. Try pushing forth the fact that if the Bills aren't paid, then how else will you three be able to get by.

Hope that helped.

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