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Rebecca - posted on 11/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Jaxon William Richard is here! Born November 6th via C-section at 5:37pm weighing 10 Pounds 10 ounces. *This was a planned C-section since he was estimating at 12 pounds, So i decided to agree with doctors on having a c-section to not put him in any possible stress. He came out a perfectly healthy baby boy(Big boy at that). After the surgery, Doctors put me through contractions which were super intense and I only remember being in a lot of pain and being in my own little world. As for Jaxon..Daddy was with him the hole time. Recovery was rough for me. I had strong intense Spazing and cramping on the right side of my stomach. After day 2 of being in the hospital on strong medication doctors just believed my pain tolerance was low and i had bad axiety because i had a hard time breathing everytime I got an attack(the pain would shoot into my chest making it hard to breathe). I then went home on day 3.. it was rough, still having a lot of pain. Could not really stand straight. After a day and night of intense pain I went to the emergency room and got sent home being told my bowels were just really compact(didnt even have an xray done). I was put on some medicine inwhich totally did not work and was still in pain. Passed out once due to the pain. Finally I gave up and went into the emergency again. I was admitted into hospital and had multiple x-rays.. Ultrasounds too. Xray showed I had possible pneumonia. So I was put into a room and pretty much told I had to stay in bed. After a day of that, they dropped it and let me walk around and told me they still were not sure. There was an infection in my chest but they were not even sure about what exactly it was. FINALLY, I got told I was being sent to another hospital for a CT scan. Got back and was told I am going for emergency surgery. So what happen was when Jaxon was inside me he pushed my Appendix behind my colon(My appendix were apparently in rough shape for a few years(I didnt know). So when they took jaxon out, all the tugging and pulling caused my appendix to burst and cause an infection and make me super sick(I also had a major bleed during it(I was not told)). They performed laparoscopic surgery to take what was left of my appendix out and to look to see how my gallbladder was(which was ok so they left it). So my recovery has been hard. Being away from my baby boy was the hardest thing I had ever done but I am finally better. Able to take care of him and he was well worth all the pain. Let's just say, I don't have much luck!.


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