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Crystal - posted on 09/11/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi my son has been really fussing with his eating lately doesnt really want anything but bread with butter or vegemite on it what are some healthy food ideas that i can try him on


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Hayden - posted on 09/11/2009




chicken and rice my boy loves chicken so I put it on rice...also they sell nutri-pals in the baby section in walmart ithas daily vitamins and minerals I have to use that because mine is very picky...

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vegemite?! whats that!? lol... you know those veggie trays... try something like that.. where he can dip his veggies in and get messy... also my kids will eat cooked veggies but they aren't as yummy as they are raw. Also I make the kids sandwiches and use cookie cutters to make cool shapes, yeah its a waste of food but they will eat! get creative!

Esmeralda - posted on 09/11/2009




thats ok. they go through phases of eating(even if its "not that healthy" they will move on to something else in about 2 weeks time).

try different forms of potatos(yes,they are ok in moderation),even chef boyaredee foods(is that how its spelled? lol)are ok, you could try making sandwhiches out of Nutella,peanut butter sandwhiches,honey wheat bread is always good maybe try different jellies/jams with it,eggs?(some kids love them,some hate them),different forms of chicken(baked,nuggets,pan cooked in olive oil...), spaghetti is even ok to have.

substituting certain TYPES of food,for the unhealthy is a good way to make dishes healthy.

wheat pastas,2% milks or try Ensure,brown rice,wheat breads(there are all kinds of wheat now,like honey wheat,white wheat,whole wheat...)cutting up veggies very small and sneaking them in is good,homemade tomatos sauces are great!(look up "easy red sauce" on and youll find some great things to make!)

have you tried shrimp?

pretzels are also a good snack.

good luck! :)

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