Heart Mermer.

Jessica - posted on 03/03/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I just had my third child in november and they found a mermer now were having to go to all these appointments and having to do ultra sounds.They say hes healthy and that its probably ok but im soo worried. Has anyone gone threw this?


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i have had one off and on my whole life. it's nothing serious, in fact they pop up in most healthy people. the cardiologist tole me that it's nothing to worry about. they can give him a pill to regulate his heart beat, but really they are unneccessary. trust me, it's nothing to worry about. i had a perfectly normal childhood and i still played sports and i had one while pregnant and still have a slight one now. they can cause anxiety attacks sometimes depending on the person. like me i get them but my MIL has one as well and hers are not as bad as mine, in fact she really doesnt get them nor does my FIL.

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Hey heads up, both my girls had heart mermers and the oldest had whats referred to as a PFO or small hole in her heart. By one it is completely gone and they have run tests like crazy and assured me she is healthy and fine. The youngest has a mermer when she lays flat, but they just listen and will do ultrasounds later on. It really is no big deal! Now my oldest did tend turn to blue at random, but as she got older and the hole closed that subsided.

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Glenda - posted on 10/31/2012




yes, I am going through this now with my granddaughter. She my only granddaughter. And today 10/31/12 we have an appointment to see a heart doctor. I am scared, but trusting that GOD will answer my prayer and I pray its what I want to hear. I don't know what i'm facing. Yes, it tour me up inside. I can't tell you how I felt when I got the news, We were just going for an check-up. So I am keeping the faith and still thanking GOD and Prasing him. Be blessed.

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My son got really sick last year and we had to take him to the ER. We ended up being admitted overnight and during one of the rounds the nurse said to me, "You know he has a heart murmur?" I was like uhhh, no.. That was the first and last thing I've ever heard about it, and he's perfectly fine. It's actually a pretty common thing and I wouldn't worry about it. It just means his heart beats irregularly. But hey, it still beats. That's the important thing.

Jennifer - posted on 03/03/2010




My 2nd child had a small heart mermer when she was born. They told me the same thing that they told you...she is heathy otherwise and it will probably be ok. They were right! By the time that she was 1 yr old it was gone!!! She is now 7 yrs old and doing great! Just make sure that you get a paper or something saying that your child has or does not have a heart mermer and keep it current! I recently took my daughter to a new dentist and they could not clean her teeth because I did not have something proving that she no longer has a heart mermer

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