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I'm Jana.. I have three kid. One is 5 and starts kindergardten today, her name is Melina, one is 3, his name is Jayden, and the other is 1, her name is Alana... I have a wonderful fiance named Aaron... I am 23 years old and live in Casa Grande, AZ.. Does anyone have advice foe how to help my daughter get through kindergarten successfully?


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Jennifer - posted on 08/31/2009




she will do great Chloe had trouble starting Kindergarten she would hide under her desk and everything that only lasted for a couple of weeks but then she was great and really enjoyed it now she is in 2nd grade and today she left without giving me or Jr a hug bye

Tabitha - posted on 08/10/2009




I live in Florence! Nice to see there's someone on here close to me! I have four kids. My 1 year old is Ashleigh, my only boy whos 3 is Cody, my 5 year old is Kaylee, and I have a Jayden as well who is six. Kaylee just started kindergarden and has the same teacher as Jayden did. I think the teacher is very important. The kindergarden teacher is wonderful, she is really good with the kids. I'd really check out your daughters teacher, and if your daughter comes home from school crying that her teacher is mean, I would really check into the way the teacher handles kids. As far as everything else goes, I would get really excited everymorning and say "I love school! And guess what? You get to come home with fun homework!!! Yay!!!" LOL I know it seems kinda goofy, but I think when she saw how much fun I thought it was, it made her more excited!

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