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hi my name is keren (oh my i feel like im part of aa!!! lol) im 24 i have a daughter of 4 turning 5 in feb. i have been divorced for 4 years in feb 2!

does anyone ever feel that you wont find a long life partner because you have a kid? i have a prob that when i meet someone they hear i have a kid then want to back off is that normal?

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that is not a problem at all. It seems most people by your age have kids and men are more than used to it. The older you get, the more single people there seems to be with kids. I know many good people including myself who have found a new partner who helps be a parent. Although it is hard, and most people fight about parenting with their new partner, it is totally achievable. Also a lot of single men have kids too so it is very possible that you may find someone in the same boat as you.

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