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Stephanie - posted on 06/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My name is Stephanie, I have a 16 month old boy named Kohen and am wondering when a good time to maybe start potty training is !? ... not sure if I should start yet but thought maybe setting him on there once and a while wouldn't hurt, just to get him used to it .


Erin - posted on 06/02/2009




that is a good idea...they have to get use to sitting and going to the bathroom. Time it when they first wake up in the morning have the potty in their room next to their bed or your be if he sleeps with you. Let him sit there for a predetermined time, you could read him a book, or sing a few songs then let him get up. In time he will be able to go on the potty, also if you have little boys who already goes to the bathroom let him hang around them i find they tend to learn quicker by watching. Ohh and please get the pull up and the character underwear my 1 year old when i got him some spongebob underwear he refuse to put on his pull ups and he also refused to mess up spongebob he got up even when he was sleep to go the bathroom..... amazing i tell you. One more thing put a night lite in the bathroom at night so the darkness will not scare them if they do decide to go at night....hopes it helps

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