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My 4 month old lost her voice (kind of) Well when she cries really loud it cuts out.(it kind of sounds like she has a cold, she has no fever). She can still cry though. Everyone around me is saying she is fine and that it is common. But it feels strange to me. Is it normal??


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Kimberly - posted on 09/20/2009




Jessica Williamson

Well she doesn't have a cold. She hasn't been coughing or crying more then normal. She has no fever. But her voice just started getting scratchy and it started cutting out. I looked it up online and it has happened to other parents as well. They beleive it's because they have been using their TOO much. Which i find kind of hard to beleive. But who knows. I keep checking her temp. But she has been fine except the voice. Which I find odd. I just wanted other mothers opinons.

Thank you.

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If your daughter is crying more than usual she is probably trying to communicate pain or being sick, such as a cold. I would say watch her close for the next day or two and see if she is crying more or if she gets a fever. If it feels strange to you I would go with your gut, if you think she is sick chances are she is. You can try the call a nurse number as well.

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i was just wondering whether ur from australia or another country... if u are from aus call 13HEALTH, all the people who take the call are registered nurses and doctors, and if they feel its something that should be looked at u can call MEDCALL, its a bulk billed service that come to u, they can administer any injections like pain killers or anti-histamines and stuff like that.

regarding the voice going... try to blow in ur childs face, they may be holding their breath, and if u blow on their face, it makes them breathe in deeply, something else to try.

on the topic of the fever, have u been giving ur child cough syrup to help ease the throat? if u have it could be hiding a fever, continue checking for rashes or strange marks on the body, especially the torso area. My son had the same thing and it turned out to be nothing but its always better to check and know that u have been careful, and thats what doctors are there for!

hope this helps and ur little one gets better soon.

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sounds normal to me... if everything else is normal (no fever or cough or anything else) and if it doesnt seem to bother her then shes fine.. i know when they do stuff like that it freaks you out but if shes not bothered then you shouldent be either.. but you can always ask ur doc. if you feel you need 2... hope i helpped :)

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I think the other moms are probably right, it may be normal. But since you say it feels strange to you, then I'd go with your gut. In my opinion, I think 4 months may be a bit old to lose her voice. Just to be on the safe side, I"d make her an appointment. And if it changes or gets worse at all, take her in. I'd be worried about her getting croup or the whooping cough. Good luck, and keep trusting your instincts!! You sound like a really good mom.

Allie - posted on 09/19/2009




When my daughter got her first cold, she lost her voice too. Crying is their best way of communicating. If you feel the need, call a nurse or set up an appointment for her. It doesnt hurt to have her seen by a doctor just in case.

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how long has she been crying for before it cuts outs. my 8week old lil girl looses hur voice wen we out hur in the bath and she screams lol dont no if it much felp but im sure its just normal.. if ya worried ask ur doctor

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