HELP!! 7 months in 4 days and she STILL doesn't like eating!

Becca - posted on 07/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is fighting me nearly every step of the way with solid foods. I've been introducing solid foods for about 2 months, on a daily basis. Even when my daughter acts like she enjoys the flavor of the food, she (9 times out of 10) will fight me with opening her mouth for it, all the while fussing and asking for her bottle. It has ended in all out bawling before :(. I had a problem with latching at the start and chose to pump in order to feed her. As this is the case, my supply depends on how often I can pump. We don't have a choice in the matter, she NEEDS to be eating solid foods more as her appetite has doubled in size in the last month or so, again.

This being said, I need to find foods that wont upset her stomach, but that will be okay to feed her. Again, she is almost 7 months. She hasn't quite got the pinch grip with her thumb and forefinger yet. I want her to enjoy eating, and I don't think puree is going to do it. I've tried jarred baby food and I've tried making the baby food myself. I think it may be a texture thing, as she will eat a whole banana (with help) but she doesn't like to eat pureed bananas. I'm just not sure what to give her, tho, that will be both safe and healthy for her. I don't want her to miss out on needed vitamins and minerals.


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my son has always done this, he goes through phases with solid food. I did discover he likes really cold things, nearly frozen. I used to make smoothies from frozen fruit and tons of spinach... and he loved it. It ended up being our breakfast every morning.

Now he's a year old and he's doing the same thing if we try to feed him, he has to feed himself. Whether it makes it to his mouth or to his lap, he HAS to do it.

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During the first year, solid food is purely experimental. All the nutrition baby needs will come from the breastmilk, so don't worry about whether or not she is eating enough. Just continue to offer the foods, and she will eat what she likes. Follow her cues.

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start by giving her stuff you know she likes the taste of, do not have a bottle where she can see it.

Try and find out what it is she doesnt like, texture, taste, smell, and then work from there. Give her a specific time of day for feedings and offer it to her during that time, only offer healthy choice foods, but make her wait until after you specify that meal time is now over to give her bottle to her.

If you are worried about her missing out on things she needs you can slowly substitute your breastmilk for some formula.

Let her play with her food, and let her see you eat some as well. make it a fun thing for her if she feels how nervous you are she will end up the same way and then it gets into a losing battle.

my youngest prefers feeding himself over us feeding him so we just put a bowl of something cut up for him to eat (cut up so he wont choke on it) and just let him at it. it gets extremely messy but most of it gets into his belly!

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