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Josseline - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband and I've married for 1 year now but we have lived with his parents for 3 years. I never had any problems before because we weren't married but recently since I had my baby (hes 4 months) we have been fighting to the point where I want to leave him! We live with his family I KNOW HUGE MISTAKE but I never thought things would get worse & that my husband would be willing to be taking care of his family if like they were kids. My in laws are over 40 years old & they own a Restaurant they dont make any money & the restaurant is just their waste of money & time but that's not of my business because isnt mine buuuuut since like may when I had my baby they decided to start making huge very stupid decisions they left to mex for "vacations" & they didnt even had the money to go at least not for 2 MONTHS!! they spend all they had & they came back...things were going great because they were gone & we were home alone but the people they left in charge at the restaurant sued them for a 800 dlls & they were in debt, the people in charge stole from them & left them with nothing, of course it makes me mad because they’re my husband’s family & I know how much he cares about them. Anyway they asked us for 500 dollars & my husband let them borrow that amount but that’s not it since ive been living in this house (which is like hell to me) they haven’t stopped asking us for favors. My mother in law bought her own car but my father in law is so irresponsible that he has NOTHING & my mother in law has to take him everywhere but not just her sometimes they wake me up early in the morning to take him or my husband & he has to work at 8:00 am & its everydayyyyyy they are so irresponsible that my father in law rather wake up us instead of d asking his own wife for the car or for a ride because we have to work or take care of the baby & many more things to do but no he wakes us up & then my mother in law wakes up 10 min later & goes to the restaurant im just like why cant she take him???? But they go to sleep so freaking late because they choose to watch tv or go to the casino (they have stayed at the casino till 7 am when they know they have responsabilities) They have two more kids one is 16 & the other is about to turn 6. The 16 yr old never cleans or does anything he room stinks she never cleans it not even her own clothes in the summer she smelled a little bad but ohhh waiitt she still asks us for favors shes fat & she complains but I tell her is because shes always in the sofa doing nothing she also raises her voice when we ask her for a little favor after we let her borrow our phone computer & after the favor of taking her to places & my husband hears her & doesn’t tell her anything & still lets her borrow our stuff & the 6 yr old is the same & so lazy she sleeps at 2 in the morning doesn’t want to wake up & my in laws choose not to take care because shes tired or “sick” they let her do whatever she wants & it makes me soo mad in the morning she wakes up screaming & wakes up my baby & im just tired from waking up in the middle of the night that the last thing I want to do is wake up, I WANT TO REST. I put my baby to sleep at 8 pm every night so he gets used to it & he is…but my in laws get home at 10 & want to wake him up just to see him. I know your probably like well your living w them & you don’t pay rent but what I haven’t said is that my husband secretly pays for my mothers in law insurance & for some other house bills when we don’t even have money, & they still ask for more money!!! Hes is going to phoenix university & is expensive he works full time & he of course has financial aid & also in Tyson but we also have cars & we aren’t done paying them. We also have phone bills & a babyyyy!! We are living with them becase we don’t have money to be paying more billsssss! The worst is that theres never food here I had to apply for wic & sometimes I have to buy groceries because my in laws never bother to bring nothing to eat sometimes we have to feed the girls & its just too much going on & my husband doesn’t do anything! He says that hes tired of me complaining but I tell him we are his family now & that if his parents don’t have money its not our fault, they think that bc we live here they can do whatever they want with us but at least not with me I already told them not to ask me for favors & they try not to but I make sure I say no. Im tired theyre so irresponsible & well the worst is that they never given us anything but a place to stay they have never helped my husband w school or anything & this is before we got married & together. My husband has a great job & with my help hes going to school thanks to some saving I have from myprevious job (because I worked for my whole 9 months pregnant) well makes me so mad because my mom is widowed & she never asks us for anything she doesn’t know how to drive but she pays to one of my friends to take her to places she walks to work & she even helps me with money when I ask her, she lives 2 hrs away from where I live & I don’t know what to do!!!! Im ashamed of my in laws because its unbelievable that my mom is all alone & she better than them!!! Its crazy & I never help her except when I go to her house, I take her o the store & stuff but that’s it she never calls me to bother me. My in laws never give us advice when we fight they don’t care what we do, how we do, nothing & it makes me mad my husand still helps them with everything when he can clearly see we barely can help ourselves they are used to use my husband because they use him at least if they cared about my husband they are never here & when theyre here they ignore us & im always in my room with my baby I never go out to the living room just to look at them I want to idk yell at them & tell them everything! I hate them & im sorry!!  I hold so much hate towards them Im thinking on leaving my husband so I can be in peace, I recently had a surgery because they found precancerous cells in my body & nobody asks how im doing, they don’t even know!! Oh well PLEASE HELP!!!


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