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I had my daughter about 3 months ago and i can barely recognize myself.

I always struggled with my weight, but before i got pregnant i was the smallest i have ever been in my whole life.

now i feel like a whale and i will go out of my way so i dont see anyone that is not my family or they wont see me,because im too embarrased.

I put on a good 60lbs while i was pregnant and i never overate or pigged out all they time, i just couldnt stop gaining weight, now im like 40lbs from where i was prebaby, and im reallystruggling.

i dont live in my own house or appt. i basically stay in my little room so exercise programs and stuff arent possible right now and i dont work therefore i dont have money.

Any ideas or anyone who understands what im going through would be greatly appreciated, i feel sooo alone.


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There's things you can do that cost nothing, like take your daughter for a long walk, go to the park, feed the ducks.

There are toning exercises that you can do that are free and you don't need alot of space or any equipment and that will focus on your problem areas.

Take a look at your diet and really take note of what you are eating and drinking. Look at portion size and healthy foods and lots of water.

My kids are 3 and 4 and my body shape is not what it was before I fell pregnant. I exercise regulary and I still have problem areas, belly, bum, legs the usual.

Sometimes we just have to embrace our new mummy bodies and learn to love ourselves for who we are. I can guarentee your daughter loves you unconditionally no matter how you look or feel.

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