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Im a stay at home mum in a foreign land and I am not really close to anyone here, language barrier. My husband, he just doesn't want to go to work anymore. And he took leave, stays at home and does his own things. Never offers to help. I have to ask him sometimes. When we need to go grocery shopping, he isn't happy about it. He goes out as and when he pleases. Never has he asked us to come along. He doesn't take the initiative to spend time with us. I love my daughter and I would do anything for her but I just can't do it all by myself. I cook and I clean and I look after my baby. Is it wrong to want some alone time? Is it wrong to feel resentful towards my husband for being so selfish? The best part? He thinks there is some kind of problem with me and that I dont want to be with my daughter. I just really cannot take this anymore. I don't know what to do.


Carrie - posted on 08/30/2013




Find something to do one night a week and hand him baby and go!! He's a daddy my hubby was the same way but I told him I was going out one night and left and didn't come back for 4 hrs!! It only took that one time and now he helps a lot more and I get one night a week 'mommy time' lol 4 hrs is all it took! U need alone time to unwind and stay sane if not you'll lose it (which I was on the verge of) he helped make baby so he can help raise it!! Hope this helps :) and he needs to understand how hard it can be bieng responsible for a lil life on ur own!

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