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My 11 month old son is getting to that age where he don't wanna listen, tells me no, hits people, gets into every thing, fights going to bed at a certain time, etc. Can someone plz help me idk what else to do.... ; (


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That is when you start doing time outs and setting limits. For the no thing......If it is something that you want him to do don't ask. If there is not a choice then don't put one out there. At 11 months old part of it is teaching him what is acceptable and what is not. Many times he might be telling you "no" because that is what he has heard from you the most. It is a learning process. Getting into everything is a normal 11 month old. That is what they do.....they explore and this is how they learn. To save your sanity put away some of the things you don't want him in and put up gates in places you don't want him to go. Where you can't put things up or gate it off then you will just need to keep removing him from that area letting him know that that is not a place or thing for him. For the fighting to go to bed. Make sure the bedtime is an appropriate time and it does not need to be adjusted. If it is a good time then do your bedtime routine and lay him down. He may play or cry when you lay him down. If he is crying then use your judgement as to what would work best.....go in after 10 mins and checking on him or letting him be and just allowing him time to figure out how to self soothe. Each child is different some respond better if you go back in after awhile and just rub their back (don't pick up).....others respond better if you let it be and don't go in.....going in starts the process all over again and makes it worse.

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