help getting my daughter to sleep in her bed

Aimee - posted on 02/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need some advice on how to get my 3 yrs to sleep in her own bed, she has her own bedroom and bed, but she won't sleep in there. any help i will take


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Tazia - posted on 02/18/2010




I have a 4 year old and have the same problem but I have been starting to just put him in his bed and no matter how much he cries or says he don't want to sleep in there, just tell them they have to and eventually they will wear themselves out and fall asleep. Don't worry if you feel your being mean cuz your not! You need your own space and its something that will be good for both of you.

Stephanie - posted on 02/18/2010




Well this might sound mean but it works. Have to have patience and keep putting her in her own room and bed. Let her cry herself to sleep and before you know it she'll be asleep. It might take a long night but it will happen. When she goes to your room or whereever your at. Just take her back to her room. It works. It might stress you out but if she feels the anixiety of what you feel then she will feel it too. Hang in there.

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