HELP I have a 17 month old who does not sleep!

Alexis - posted on 04/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 17month old girl who is yet to sleep through the night. She has an hour nap in the afternoon and then wont go to sleep until around midnight. She wakes for 2 bottles still during the night and about another 10 - 15 times for no apparent reason.. And is up again around 8am. She will not sleep in her cot either, if she wakes and realises I have put her in the cot she gets terrified and cries and shakes uncontrollably, so she sleeps in my bed with me and my fiance. I have tried bedtime routines, controlled crying, hot baths, massage, reading her to sleep, rocking, music and nothing works.. Any ideas?


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Amy - posted on 04/15/2009




take the nap away and see if that does anything. IF you really don't want her to sleep with you just keep putting her back in her bed. My four year old just started coming in my bed at night and i have been putting her back in she us now starting to stay the last couple of nights.

Claire - posted on 04/15/2009




My son splept through the night from 2 months and then at 3 suddenly he stopped and would wake up screaming and had to sleep in mine and my partners bed. In the end I got a small air bed designed for children with bumper sides and had that in our room so he had us there as comfort but got used to sleeping in a bed on his own again i then gradually started putting him down to bed in his own bed and if he woke up crying would then have him back in our room at first then worked upto calming him down in his room and getting him to sleep back in there. The main thing is don't put them into their bed/cot asleep waking up where you didn't go to sleep is scary. Have you tried sitting in her room until she goes to sleep but not holding or rocking her just sitting in the same room? I would pick one method and try using it for at least two weeks before moving onto the next. Also is there anything in her room that at night could look scary, I found with my son it was the way one of his toys cast a shadow in his room that was scaring him.

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