Help! Its hard to get my child to wake up and get ready for school!

Kyleigh - posted on 05/13/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My SK takes a long time to get ready, I don't feel the need to dress him at the age of 6! But he takes like f o r e v e r ! I m not sure whats a good way, he goes to bed at 9pm, I check in the room after a good hour and he is asleep, so not sure what else I can do. he is getting plenty of sleep, maybe a growth spert?


Firebird - posted on 05/13/2011




My 6 year old goes to bed at 8pm on school nights, sometimes 7pm if she's particularly tired looking. Gets up at 7am, we leave the house at 8:15am and she's at school by 8:30 (we walk). it really sounds like he just isn't getting enough sleep. I also help my daughter with zippers and buttons, but she's finally starting to get the hang of it. I also often pick out what she wears so she doesn't spend 20 minutes looking through her drawers.

Jodi - posted on 05/13/2011




9pm is very late for a 6 year old.....what time is he waking up? Generally if they are not waking up on their own in the morning (and you are needing to give them a good shake), then they are not getting plenty of sleep. Yes, it COULD be a growth spurt, but that means they need more sleep during those times, it is common for them to get tired.

My kids have to get dressed and have breakfast before they are allowed to do anything else in the mornings.

And if they aren't dressed? Nothing like taking them to school in their pajamas. They only do it once.

And just for the record, I DO still *help* my 6 year old get dressed with certain things. She still struggles to do up her zips and small buttons on her own, and I can't see the harm in helping her with those sometimes if the alternative is a frustrating morning.


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Katie - posted on 09/02/2014




Put him to bed at 8 pm instead. That extra hour of sleep will help a lot. Also, don't just leave him for an hour to make sure he is asleep. At this age, it is still recommended to read and sing to them. It helps get them to sleep sooner. Plus it is a good bonding moment.

Alison - posted on 05/15/2011




You may try putting him to bed earlier so that he has a longer time in bed/ sleeping since he has a set time to get up, especially if he isn't going to sleep right away. Otherwise, though I don't know your bedtime prep, try doing sleep geared activities before going down, like reading a book, a bath, and the such. Good luck!

Sarh - posted on 05/14/2011




My 5yr old goes to bed at 8p and gets up at 6a. Not sure what time he wakes up, but IMO 9p is too late for bedtime. Especially if he is having trouble waking up.
My daughter is a sound sleeper and some mornings I have to stand her up out of bed in order for her to wake, but my mom and myself are also very sound sleepers. It's not that she hears me and is just ignoring me.
She as well takes forever, but I tell her she needs to have such and such on by this time or she can't watch tv after school. Or I will tell her if she gets dressed by such and such time then we can go to corner store and she can get some candy after school. Things like that. She has been having these problems since she started school, but she was in daycare and I was still getting her dressed then.

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I agree with the above ladies - 9pm is really late for a 6 year old. My daughter goes to bed when she's tired and sometimes that's before 7:30. Some mornings she lays in bed and yells "I don't want to go to school today" but she's still awake! :D. Another thing is to see if there are many things distracting him from getting ready - possibly break it down into things like is the radio or TV on? Does he stop to do something else like look at a book or toy? Does he take longer to do certain things like work buttons, zippers or clasps?

My two daughters are autistic and sometimes it can take them what seems like forever to get ready - but as long as they can do it themselves mostly, then we're pretty good. I did have to start getting up earlier to give them the time to get ready - I mean, I'm 31, and I've had 31 years to perfect my getting ready abilities - they're just starting out and need a little extra time. When they're 16 or 20 you'll marvel at how fast they can get ready (when they really want to!)

Good luck!

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9pm is really late for a 6 year old to go to bed. 7:30 or 8pm (at the latest) seems like a better time. He's probably just too tired.

Nikki - posted on 05/14/2011




I agree with everything Jodi said, if they are not waking up on their own at 6 they are not getting enough sleep. School aged kids still need between 10-12 hours sleep every night. I would send him to school in his PJ's too, just warn the teacher beforehand and pack his school clothes in his bag. It shouldn't take too many days to convince him to get dressed before leaving the house.

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 05/13/2011




Yep, and if your kid gets too stingy and cranky about having a specific outfit laid out for them, lay 2 out and this will let them still choose and feel good about picking out something to wear :)

Also.. some are just heaaaaavy sleepers. My mom and boyfriend are a wake-the-dead type even in their old age! So maybe put him to bed earlier, like these other women are saying, and wake him up earlier so he can sit around for a few and really wake up? Give him a little hot chocolate in the morning to wake up to or something, even a half glass as a morning routine or something? Obveiously no coffee yet haha

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