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My daughter is about to be 3 years old and STILL IS NOT POTTY TRAINED! I've tried everything I can think of. She will go if she has no panties on but if she has panties or a pull up on she will go in them. I just don't know what to do anymore! any suggestions?!


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Very true.. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and we are now getting her potty trained. She has been wearing underwears for four days now.. She did go in her panties (#2) twice, but of course we told her how nasty it was and she kinda got sad and said she would not do it again.. She is in love with mermaid so we tell her that the mermaid gets sad when she pees or poops on her and she gets sad and starts to make comments about how she is not going to to pee or poop on her mermaid. So just try to get her underwears that she likes and also like someone said over-react when she actually goes to the toilet. Good Luck.. I am still working on this

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Relax! my daughter was the same age when i started. My advice would be to take away all nappies or pull ups except for at nighttime or nap time. Then make a big deal about how pretty her knickers are, and how she gets to wear them now like mummy, aunty, nana, etc. Be prepared to go thru washing 100 pairs in the first few days. Pull ups are useless , they just confuse them. when she goes to the toilet tell everyone, make a big deal about it. and when there are accidents just say, oh yuck, this is why we have to go on the toilet eh? Mummy goes on the toilet and daddy etc, that way we don't wet our knickers. But be calm about it. She will get there. Just choose a path and follow it through till the end.

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If you haven't seen your doctor yet I would go and discuss it with them. It may be something simple like a mild infection that hasn't been caught. A urine test should be done to make sure there are no issues like that.

Some kids bladders just don't grow as fast as they do. It's not that she isn't trying if she can hold it when she doesn't have underpants on. She may simply just not be able to make it to the potty all the time just yet.

Congratulate her when she makes it but don't scold or punish her if she doesn't. The last thing you want to do is make potty training a negative thing that she is scared of. I know it's hard not to be disappointed and a bit frusterated but she is obviously trying her best and will get it eventually with your patience and encouragement.

BTW I know some 4 year olds who's parents are just deciding to START potty training so don't be to hard on yourself you're trying :)

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Ya.. try making a BIG DEAL OUT OF HER GOING TO THE POTTY,, I MEAN CALL THE FAMILY EVERYING...i guess wut im saying is OVER REACTED! and give her a treat and take her some where you would only go if she did do good..

Annie - posted on 08/18/2009




Dont use pull-ups, it does nothing but encourage them to pee in them, you will be doing lots of laundry but let her wear her big girl panties and make her wear them for a couple minutes after she pees so she can feel the youck! It souinds crazy and mean but it really worked for my girl!

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