HELP! MIL keeps touching babys face!

Lovinmommyhood - posted on 03/26/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I love my mother in law but ever since our baby was born she puts her hands all over him non-stop. Always petting and caressing him. I cannot stand when she does it to his face and head. How can I ask her to stop in a way that will not hurt her feelings? I already said that the doc said their skin is sensitive and it can cause baby acne. That stopped her for about a week then she was at it again. I think she thinks it is ok bc she sees me do it. But its my baby!

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User - posted on 04/03/2013




lol I understand! Its hard to confront her about it and in the right way. If I were you I would just continue to remind her of it, and try to not do it as much yourself when she is around, so she doesnt think you are singling her out or something.

I was in that very protective sense too and know I will be if i have anymore. I dont think your overreacting, but this is just the beginning of times to come with people doing things around or with your child that you will not like. You sound alot like me and not want to hurt any ones feelings and dont really want to confront her directly about it, but for your own sake you need to. However you decide to put it, just be nice and help her understand where you are coming from. Dont let these little things get to you, confront them as they come and you will be much much much happier in the long run.

Sara - posted on 04/03/2013




My mil is sort of the same way. she's always in my daughter's face, and she smokes so it really bothers me. it annoys my husband as well but we don't knowbhow to talk to her age will take it personally. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone! Best of luck!

Michelle - posted on 03/27/2013




As long as she washes her hands for then I don't see the problem. She is showing her love for her grandchild. I think you may be over reacting a bit.

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