Help! My hair is a train wreck

Amanda - posted on 12/02/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My hair has gone from being thick and extremely wavy / curly to being thin and limp. it started to change after my first child but was still curly/ and wavy just a lil thinner. after my second it all but just fell out, i was diagnosed with low thyroid and put on pills but the doc said it would start growing again after about 6 months and i havent seen any new growth yet and it will have been 1 year the end of jan. has anyone else been through this or going through it i really need support on this my husband is no help he just make fun of me and it really hurts i don't feel beautiful anymore


Sarah - posted on 12/03/2010




Hey Amanda, I know exactly how you feel. My hair was a hott mess BEFORE I had my son, so you can only imagine what it must look AFTER pregnancy. It's dry, flat, and VERY thin... I try different hairstyles & such and it looks wonderful after the professional does it. But, once I get home and try it myself, it's back to looking quite sad. :( Sometimes I'm tempted to pay the money to get hair extensions or something to make it look fuller lol. Have you experimented with different hair products? I use a volumizing shampoo made by Matrix, plus some volumizing mousse, right before I dry my hair. It does help a bit. Back in the day I tried a body perm & that really helped with lift & volume. Maybe you could try something like that? Good luck!

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Kick your husband's butt for one thing.

But I've heard women go through this during pregnancy. For now, I'm lucky that it hasn't happened to me. I haven't noticed any change in my hair, but it was kind of thin in the first place. However, I did decide to cut it and I will be keeping it short (I look better with short hair anyway). I've noticed that the more I try to keep it cut, the more it grows. Vitamins and volumizing shampoos help too.

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Hi I read somewhere that this is normal for some after birth and could take up to 2years for it to improve. sorry to hear hun. as if we don't have enough to worry about getting make-up on in the rush rush to get our kids ready. I feel for you and I realy hope it gets better!!!

La - posted on 12/02/2010




My hair started falling out a lot after my last child. I'm not on any medications for thyroid or anything. It sucks to see so much hair in the drain after I wash it...I've been trying to experiment with different ways to style my hair to make it look fuller. Going to try a different hair cut as well. Why don't you try a new haircut too? Tell the stylist to do a cut that adds the illusion of volume and texture back to your hair.

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