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Briana - posted on 11/29/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and absolutely miserable. I can not stop throwing up and can barely keep anything but water down. I am also very weak. I feel like I can barely even move. All I can do is sleep and get sick. This is my first pregnancy and I am kindof freaking out.. any suggestions?


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I was the same. I pretty much just relied on my husband to do everything. I didn't cook, didn't clean just went to work and slept. I ended up on diclectin, which made a big difference. I was able to eat small meals throughout the day and wasn't so tired. other things that were suggested were eating small, dry foods throughout the day and ginger ale. also I found eating really salty foods, like salt n vinegar chips or French fries with salt, was the only thing I could keep down

Szilvia - posted on 12/03/2013




I was the same way when I got pregnant with my son. It was so bad that if I sat up in bed I would throw up. All I did all day long was throw up. I couldn't cook or clean. I could barely go to the washroom or brush my teeth. It got to the point where my daughter missed so many days of school because I couldnt get out of bed to take her. I decided to make an appointment with the doctor because my friend had told me about an anti nausea medication that was safe while pregant (it has a pregnant lady on the pill). I was really against taking any kind of medication but I felt like I tried everything else (like crackers and ginger ale) but nothing worked and I couldn't live like that any longer. I remember the doctor telling me that it's not a magic pill but a couple of hours later I was up cleaning and cooking and I felt amazing! I hadn't felt that good in months! It was definitely a magic pill for me. Hope this helps and you feel better soon :)

Celeste - posted on 11/29/2013




Call your doctor and explain your situation, they should be able to help. In the meantime try to stay hydrated with water and Gatorade. Hope you feel better soon, hang in there!

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