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im very positive im pregnant. im 22, been with my Boyfriend for about 3 years, but known him since high school. My older sister is 26 weeks pregnant and my parents are already worried about that pregnancy (baby bigger than average, and her body frame is so small it's not expanding fast enough), i dont want them to deal with both of their daughters pregnant. My boyfriend has a good, steady job and we might be moving to portland if he gets an offer for a Bigger, waaaay better paying job with amazing benefits. Im afraid that i will disappoint them beyond belief, that I will get shunned out of the family, that it will break their hearts. My boyfriend's parents are hardcore christians. They dont even know we're active outside of marriage. i know they will FLIP. how do i tell them? Im keeping the baby, I dont believe in abortion unless its medically necessary


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Once you tell them you will feel a big relief I couldnt tell my mom so i left the sonogram near her coffee pot lol i felt better and could ask her questions about things i was going threw. It also sounds like your boyfriend is in a good position in life i say you have more pros than cons. Your parents and his parents will get over the shock and start enjoying your pregnancy =] Goodluck keep us updated!

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I got pregnant at 14, had her at 15 after a holiday fling!! I was scared about telling my parents but had to. My mum was shocked but said im not the first and won't be the last and we chatted, I said I'm keeping it and she supported me 100%. I kept her involved, took her to all appointments, scans and was at the birth. I also now have 2 sons. I had all 3 at 21. My childrens ages are 6 1/2, 19 months and 15 weeks. I now have a stable relationship with a nice house, cars, my partner has a good job I stay at home with the kids. Evan if your parents are shocked t first they will get used to it. My dad wasn't happy but he came round to the idear and ended up supporting me. Try and keep them as involved as you would like and I you will be fine

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I got pregnant with my first child at 17 years old, had her a few months after my 18th birthday. My family is military, I had just signed up for college classes, had my dorm room and dorm mates assigned when I found out. Of course, college had to wait. Both of my parents were moving out of state within 2 mo of me finding out I was pregnant and I was going to be on my own. Both of my parents - they divorced when I was young and both remarried happily - offered for me to move with them. I chose to stay here, while they moved 3 states away to be closer to their family. I chose to stay because this is where I grew up, all my friends were here and my boyfriends family was here. So at 17 years old I moved out and got my own apartment and started preparing for being a mother.

With that situation, I was terrified of telling my parents. I told them both before they moved away. My mom immediately wanted a blood test done at the doctors office to verify and I swore they were going to kill me. They didn't, they were actually excited and immediately wanted to start buying baby stuff as soon as we got the positive result from the doctor. Granted I was a straight A student who had never really been in trouble before. They knew I was resposible and that I could take care of myself and my child so they were really supportive.

I know your parents may be stressed about the situation with your sister, but I'm sure they would celebrate having another grandchild. Good luck!!

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Just tell them, they are your parents and sure, may be a bit shocked at first, but you'll find it will bring you closer together. I got pregnant with my first at 17, hadn't spoken to my mother in a year, but when I called her to tell her, she was there for me through the entire pregnancy and we've been very close ever since. You'll be fine :)

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I was 18 when I got pregnant, she turning 3 soon! I was "with him" off and on for 3ish years (not now) which was to be expected for someone like him. Butt I told my mom and it took way less time to adjust than I thought it would. Although, she was pregnant with my older sister at 17 so she understood how i felt. After she "cooled down" she was the one to tell my dad a few days later, it took him a little while longer but he was okay with it. I think I was more nervous to tell my grandoarents than my actual parents, to be honest. I couldn't be happier and i know everyone of them loved their very first and only grand and great grand daughter. In the end, maybe after some time and with all feelings aside, you and your baby will be loved and charished. Good Luck!!

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I got pregnant at 22 with our first after being together for 4 years right after I graduated college. I was very nervous about telling my parents. I ended up telling them on the phone as that was just easier for me. My mom was in shock but she just said "alright then." They handled it way better than I thought they would. When my older sister got pregnant (at 30yo, unmarried) she asked me how it went when I had told them. I told her how supportive they were. When she told them (over the phone as she lives far away) they totally freaked out! They got over it and love all thier grandbabies. I think they will handle it however depending on how they're feeling/what else is going on in their lives but how can they be upset when they see that cute little peanut for the first time. I think I would let your boyfriend tell his family and wait for the situation to cool down before getting involved with them. Congrats on your baby even though this part is difficult!

Holly - posted on 10/18/2012




Just tell them. They will get over and will love the baby once he or she arrives. Promise.

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