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Schollin - posted on 04/09/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son at 15-months old WILLINGLY( I wouldnt have even tried if he didnt want to) was nearly potty trained,however, his no longer babysitter refused to take him because he was too young w/o my knowledge..Now he'll be two and he wants to potty train. He understands what its for, however, he gets me or daddy first then usually goes in his pull up, dumps it in the toilet , wipes himself ,throws the pull-up in the trash, and grabs and puts a new one on(w/ some assistance)..Any suggestions???


Barbara - posted on 04/09/2009




my son began potty training right after he turned 2 but I didn't push him to much....but in February(he is now 2 1/2) I began to get books and videos from the library and I let him choose between a little potty or the seat to sit on the big toilet...he loves the seat because it has SpongeBob on it......and it's easier if you can do the big toilet because my nephew has been training on the little potty chair and he WILL NOT use the big toilet, so it's kinda like training all over again(and it's easier to have a seat to carry around if your going out than a big potty chair) son responded well to making a potty chart and when he would pee he would get one sticker in the pee column and when he would poop he would get two can also try this m&m's.......I taped the chart to the wall across from the toilet so he could see it every time he sat down...I would let him have his books, crayons, cars or whatever when he was sitting......and he LOVED to flush the toilet himself and put the sticker on his chart himself (they like to feel independent at this age)....I bought 2 packs of white undies at Walmart (cheaper than the characters!) and some plastic cover undies and let him go around the house like that....I think that the diapers as well as the pull-ups absorb TO WELL and sometimes the kids have a hard time realizing that they have gone.....and the plastic undies will keep everything from leaking out.....put some old towels, if you have any, where ever his is sitting.....If he/she has an accident it's ok, its going to happen, be calm and let them know that they need to use the potty not their undies.....So basically if your at home let them be in their undies.....I set a timer not only for him but my self for every half hour and we would go to the potty......since he was not using his potty chair I put his Elmo doll across from him and let Elmo use the potty as well..........and now he started potty training in February and is completely potty trained and it is now April, and the best part is he has now mastered peeing standing up!!!! ....He will have minor accidents but it's bound to happen....You must be patient, encouraging, and once you start don't stop! and DON"T go back to diapers!!!!!!! Buy the pull-ups and undies and toss out the diapers! Hope this helps and just try a bunch of different things to see what is right for your child....every child is different! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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