Help! Transitioning into a toddler bed!

Melissa - posted on 08/30/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have twin boys that are about to be 2. For their b-day they are getting toddler beds and I have no idea how to go about getting them to sleep in them. Right now they are both in cribs in the same room and I lay them down at 9pm and they talk or fuss for a few min. but then they go to sleep. I have no idea what to do and how to get them to lay in a toddler bed without them getting up every few min. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Betty - posted on 08/30/2009




I'm guessing they already know how to climb out of their beds so this shouldn't be a big deal. Just put a baby gate up in the door jam so they can't wander the house when it's bed time. They might do great but if they keep getting up than keep putting them back and try not to make a fun game out of it.

Lindsay - posted on 08/30/2009




When we first switched to toddler beds, I took all of the toys out of the room so they weren't tempted to get up and play. I also put a baby gate in the dorrway so that they weren't wandering the house through the night. Once they got more used to their new found freedom, I took the gate down. Make a big deal about getting to be in big beds and it may make them want to be in their big boy rooms! Good luck!

Karla - posted on 08/30/2009




look around for crib/toddler bedding and put that on their cribs. once you get their beds just put the same beddind on the toddler beds. i bought my daughter the dora bed from kmart it was like 50.00 on sale plus the bedding. they have all sorts of other character beds too like cars and elmo etc. kmart always has them on sale so check it out there. they already come with rails so u dont have to go around like a crazy person looking for them. the crib mattress will fit it too so thats something less that you will be buying too. my daughter has never fallen of it either so dont worry. good luck. hope all works out.

Caryn - posted on 08/30/2009




My son will be 2 in 4 days, i put him in a toddler bed about 4 months ago because i needed the crib for my second child who is now 7 months old. the first night he did not want anything to do with it. All i did was stay in the room with him untill he fell asleep for the first week. Now all i have to do is tell him it is time for bed and he goes in all by his self and goes to sleep.

Quasia - posted on 08/30/2009




When I transitioned my son I just told him you're getting bigger now dats y ur in a big boys bed now, make sure you get rails though cause they tend to roll when they're sleep LOL....I think it will be okay being that its two of them so they have each other....GOOD LUCK

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i agree with Jade. when i transitioned my 22 month-old (we made the switch 3 months ago - we just took one side off her crib and lowered the matress to make the toddler bed) she didn't even notice, but she is a roller so i had to have a rail so she wouldn't fall out. for her 2nd birthday we are getting her a "big girl" twin sized bed and we agreed that we would try her without the rail for the first few nights and see how she does. if she falls out a lot we will put the rail back up, but hopefully she'll be fine.

i would just say try it and see how it goes. kids are always suprising creatures! :) good luck and congrats on 2nd birthday for twins! :)

Jade - posted on 08/30/2009




When we moved my 2yr old daugher into a toddler bed, she didnt really seem to notice the difference. Try to get a railing so they dont fall out tho (my daughter did that before we got one lol) and then you will just have to make sure they understand that they have to stay in bed like big boys since they have "big boy beds" now. You will just have see how they respond to them

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