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Help! Trouble with 14 week old sleeping!

Jessica - posted on 08/11/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son Greyson is 14 weeks old and for the past few weeks his sleeping habits at night are resembling newborn habits. At 2 months he seemed to be doing great, only getting up once a night to eat then up for the morning at 7:30. Now he is a very restless sleeper. He will wake up shortly after i put him to bed usually with in 45 minutes and i have to pat his back to get him to fall back asleep,sometimes this happens a few times before he gets up anywhere between 2:30 and 4 to eat. After his bottle i rock him to sleep then place him back in his crib. However, as soon as i put him down he realizes he is not on my shoulder anymore and i have to pat his back for a while to get him to sleep, sometimes it takes quite a while of patting and as you can imagine its frustrating when you can hardly keep your eyes open! He never sleeps soundly after his middle of the night bottle he will wake every 45 minutes or so and i have to repeat the back patting process. Around 5:15 or so he is basically impossible to get back to sleep unless i bring him into my bed with me and even then lately he has been demanding a bottle to go back to sleep. I dont understand why he is doing this. Also, during the day his naps are about 45 minutes long and he will nap every 2 hours or so give or take which is also frustrating. He will get very fussy if i dont let him nap. He doesnt sleep enough during the day that it would affect his sleep at night. He gets rice cereal in his two bottles at night and thats obviously not working. He gets a bath with night time soap and lotion and a warm bottle right before bed. People have said to let him cry and sooth himself back to sleep but that doesnt work he will just cry and cry and get himself too worked up to the point of choking until you go pick him up. Im just at my wits end here and i dont know what else to do....Help!


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I use rice cereal with my son who is the same age and it worked for him. But maybe it's giving your son an upset belly, maybe try a night or 2 without cereal and see how he does. It sounds like he's needing comfort so letting him cry will just be harder for both of you. Also try to get his day naps longer. It took me 4 days of my son and I being miserable because I kept him awake til he was so tired I couldn't do anything to keep him awake. Now he naps twice a day from about 10-1 and 5-7 then he goes down for the night at 10 and sleeps til 8 in the morning. I have 4 kids and a day time nap schedule is very important to have a good night schedule. Good luck

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