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Lauren - posted on 11/27/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a court date coming up but I really dont want to put his dad on child support because he takes care os him and pays me every month but i had to pursue it because i was receiving public aid so basically they forced me too! here is the thing though i did it and now i regret it i went and put in writing that i no longer wanted to pursue it with the aid office so they canceled my medica;l but kept my son on it i dont get any food stamps or cash or medical my son only gets medical card....... we now have a court date for jan of 2013 and i really dont wanna go so im wondering what do i tell the judge when we go because we dont want to pursue it im wondering what they will say or should i just say that he isnt the dad and that i thought he was but then he has his full name hes the third


Jodi - posted on 11/29/2012




Why do you have a problem with having him on child support? He's paying it anyway, right? How is this a negative thing if it means you can also receive extra assistance?


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Kate - posted on 11/29/2012




do NOT lie and say that he is not the father. God forbid someone find out, it's considered welfare fraud and I'm 80% sure it's a federal offense- not something you (or he) wants or needs.

as far as having the state go after him for support I would discuss this with your child's father. explain that you have household needs that you are not able to meet, even with the support that he gives you. explain that it's not because you don't appreciate what he dose for your child, or that you think he's a dead beat dad; it's because it is the requirement for you to receive the benefits that you need

or if your child's father is practical explain that the benefits you receive on assistance are much more than the money he pays in; so if he gives you $300 a month in child support you receive $300 a month. if he pays $300 a month to the state you receive $300 a month in food, $100 a month in TANF, and free medical insurance for you and your son. have him try to consider it an investment in his child.

Ann Marie - posted on 11/27/2012




If he is already paying and the state is making u go to court to recieve aid. then he will have no problem paying what is stat ordered. if child support is required in order for u to get food stamps then i would go one with the court date. because medical coverage for u or your son wont feed you.

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