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hello my name is Brittany and I have a two and a half year old girl, her name is Coralynn. She is a very active, smart, and opinionated child!! we are discovering tones, cause and effect, what is acceptable behavior etc. its a challenge, she is my first child and I wouldn't change it for the world!!! I was cerious about how other mothers diciplin, potty train that sort of thing. My daughter has the potty concept but chooses not to go and when she is asked she throws a fit. Its frustrating but I am trying to explain that it can cause problems for her (health wise) and she is a big girl also school will be coming up for her and she wont be able to go unless she uses the potty all the time. As for diciplin, (im pretty sure that isn't spelled right) She gets a time out, and last resort a swat on her behind if she is not listening. Now, I understand that is very controversial, That is also why I am looking for info from other mothers to see what works for them. Over all, I would like to say my daughter has taught me, from the get go, a great deal of patience & unconditional love. I want the best for her. My husband and I try to keep her busy with posative activities, walking to the park to play, coloring, reading....but when those fits arrive when its time to finish is what we are trying to defuse. any recomendations would be great!! thanx Also, If anyone has ideas on pre schools??? let me know thanx


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Michelle - posted on 08/15/2009




Well, my youngest is 5 and a half...but I got to go through the 2's four times. Lol. For potty training, there are a lot of kid friendly books out there. My sister go each of my kids one where every time you went potty you put a sticker on the unrolled roll of toliet paper at the end of the book (The idea was to read the book every time they used the potty) and when you used up all the little stickers, you got a big huge sticker that came with the book and you could put it anywhere mommy or daddy let you. It worked and by the time the little stickers ran out, they were just used to the potty. I can't remember the name of it, but I know there's a lot out there.

As for punishing, I believe in spanking if it doesn't leave a mark as well...I only resort to it though when my kids are trying to push each other down the stairs or harm each other. When it's normal misbehavior, take away a favorite toy or blankie for a half hour...then a day...etc or whatever you think is suitable for the thing they were naughty for. It's worked for me, a little less as they get older and have more toys or aren't as picky...but it was perfect for when they were younger and didn't understand the time outs...they sure understood loosing their favorite companion/toy/stuffed animal. I hope that helps, otherwise you're right...it's trial and error. You can read all the books in the world, but every kid is different and so is every situation. Good luck!

Brittany - posted on 08/15/2009




thanx ladies! It really does help, I am glad to know that I am not alone in the battle of the twos!! and thakyou for the potty advice, she is soo good sometimes and sometimes she is just off, so it seems to be consistency from here ( o : I will tune in on the progress of course. As for scolding, cora and I are learning together, she Is easier when she has had a nap, so its all trial and error, she is not to keen on sleep. we will just continue to keep a calm firm voice and go frm there!!! my daughter does do the use our words against us too, and its frustrating, so I try to explain as best as possible that is all we can do right???? lol ladies thaks so much again!!

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I understand where your coming from and I wish I had advice for you! My 2 year old is too smart for her own good and she uses mine and my husbands own words against us... We use the same dicipline as you do. Sometimes it seems to help sometimes it doesn't. I also know it may not be effective right now but after time out is done I try to sit my daughter down and explain to her what she did wrong. If she went to time out for being mean to her sister we tell her what she did and then make her apologize to her sister and give her a hug. As far as preschools go I have no idea! Sorry if I wasn't much help

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I have a one year old who kept getting in the fridge and every time she did I would smack her hand. She doesn't go in there anymore. I beleive in spanking, but no so hard that it leaves a mark, of course. If she is acting up, try to keep your cool, get down to her eye level, and try talking very calmly. Even try distracting her to make her forget that she's upset. As far as potty training goes, try letting her carry the potty around, and sit on it with her clothes on. Once she is comfortable with it, let her sit on it without clothes, give her a book, and see if she goes that way. My daughter would get really upset when I'd try to set her on it, so I had her dad and my other kids come in the bathroom and when I sat her down we started hooting and hollering and clapping for her. She got a huge smile on her face and has no problem sitting on it now!

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