hey mom ! im a single mom and new here ,. i easily loose my temper with my son what should i do?


Szilvia - posted on 10/12/2013




Just remember that patience is key, try to not take things personally. If he was someone else's child would you treat him the same? or better? If you get really mad or angry just walk away from him for a couple of minutes unless you are outside then I would just sit down with him and ignore him until you calm down. It's better to take a couple of minutes away from him, calm your mind and emotions than to hit him or say things you can never take back. Put yourself in his shoes, what would you need from your parent when you are acting that way? Patience, love and understanding is what I would need. I know it can be very tough sometimes but just remember that you love him, it will pass and time flys. Before you know it he will be grown and he wont need you anymore.

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