Hey, My little Tay has Reflux...

Jessika - posted on 04/25/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )





My little girl has reflux and I have been trying a few different Formula's to help it but it still seams to be bad. Has anyone been through this or can someone give me a few tips? She's 10 weeks. Please.....


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Asha - posted on 05/05/2009




hey my abby had reflux as a lil bub but has outgrown it but try thickened formula or ask the doc if there is something that he can give to help try cornflour in bubs bottle to thickened it hope it help

Holly - posted on 04/28/2009




My daughter had this when she was younger, Lipal works the best for my daughter. She also had to take reflux meds twice aday, Reglan. That made the diffrence for us. She is now and year and a half and still takes it and does great.

Cristina - posted on 04/28/2009




yes, my son had reflux and we used the Enfamil AR formula. It worked great! And it just went away a month or so ago, and he is almost 8 months. And now we make the bottles half AR and half regular. Also, buy it on ebay, it is sealed and A LOT cheaper.

Crystal - posted on 04/28/2009




My son was awful. His was so bad he was also projectile. Simulac Sensitive did help but we had to do two medicines. The pediatrician said that the acid could eat away at his esophagus if we didn't do the meds. I remember nights of sitting up in the bed sleeping with him up on my shoulder to help him. His was also so bad that he would have choking purple spells (it can be dangerous).

I also tried the tucker sling which is a large wedge. My son slept his first night through when we put him on it for the first time. It saved us and I took it everywhere we went. www.tuckersling.com

Good Luck and always keep extra clothes for you in the car. ;o)

Cathy - posted on 04/28/2009




hi both my sons had reflux, they had to have gaviscon in there bottles and it helped a lot, it doesnt completely stop them from being sick but it stops the acid burning your babys throat when they are sick. my sons used to be sick loads it would just shoot of there mouth loads. they got over it by about 13 months. go ur health visitor and ask if ur baby can trygaviscon. good luck

Mel - posted on 04/27/2009




try putting a thickener or rice cereal in her bottle, elevating the cot matress (put pillows under it) and keeping her upright while feeding and where possible for 20 minutes after feeding. there are formulas for reflux in australia i think not sure about where you are though

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My son had horrible reflux! We tried everything in the book.Poor baby was on 3 different meds at the same time at 4 weeks old. Ultimately we had to bring him to a PGI where he diagonosed him with both acid and non acid reflux. Enfamil Gentlease along with rice cereal until he was about 6 mos and started with bulkier baby foods. He's also on erythromycin (one of the side effects helps with the reflux) and axid. Good luck! He's 10 mos and we're still battling it!

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i worked in a daycare and had a baby with reflux and we had to put a little rice cereal in his bottle (just enough to thicken it a little) and that helped him. but now i am babysitting out of my own home and the baby i watch has it and her doc gave her med for it. hope this helps.

Angelina - posted on 04/26/2009




Hi, my first son had reflux we switched his formula to soy ( that helped ). Now my second son has reflux ( he is 4 weeks ) and the doctor gave us Axid, it seems to be helping. I would go to your doctor and ask about this medication, also keep your baby elivated for about 1/2 an hour after she eats, that will help out a lil bit. You could also let your baby sleep in the car seat for naps and at night, so her head is elivated ( this is what our pediatrion told us ) that also seems to help and it is perfectly safe for the baby. I would deffinetly ask your doctor about more tips to help ease the pain of reflux. Hope that helps.

Sarah - posted on 04/26/2009




My little Isla has the same problem, but it was really hard to get a diagnosis as she wasn't in any pain, just vomiting....alot. We tried adding a thickener to her regular formula,(you can most likely get it at the chemist) which helped a little, but she was still bringing up a large portion of her feeds & not putting on a great deal of weight. She is almost 5 months old now & after a few weeks of having her weighed to find a pattern for her growth, my doctor has put her on an anti reflux medication, it reduces the acid in her stomach & helps her keep things in, she only started it last night & so far, she is keeping most of her feeds in. Go & see your doctor & have her weighed for a number of weeks & see what they suggest. I know in Australia some special formulas are subsidised by the government if they are prescribed by a doctor, so, at the very least, if a reflux formula is reccomended, you might be able to get it cheaper than if you just went & bought it off the shelves.

Natasha - posted on 04/26/2009




My daughter had the same issues.. I have found that Similac Sensitive has worked wonders on her! I have suggested this to quite a few of my friends and it all seems to work great for all types of babies! Its worth a try!!

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