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Hi everyone! My name is Amanda, and I have 2 little girls, who are about 10 1/2 mos apart. their ages are 3 and 2. I am currently preggers with my third, another girl, wasnt too confirmed, but that is what they are thinking it is. My husband works two hours away from me and my girls, so he;s not much help all the time :). I am due in Sept of this year. and just found out that certain drs dont induce! so I could be having this baby on my oldest's bday. well, if u have any questions, just ask.


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Patty - posted on 05/16/2009




Hello I just had my second baby girl last Friday and my first is a year an half. I love my girls being so close together plus I'm so happy to see other people who have there kids as close as me. both of my babies have never made it to 40 weeks (first was 36 weeks and my second was 38 weeks) so who knows maybe you could have a healthy premie as well. good luck

Liz - posted on 05/16/2009




congrats on the pregnancy. My name is Liz and my husband and I are first time parents of 11 month old b/g twins. I'd love to start trying for baby 3 soon, but I haven't had much luck talking my husband into it yet.

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Welcome! My kids are 16 & 20 months apart, it can be quite a challenge! My oldest & youngest have birthdays two days apart...but that youngest came two weeks late! You never know what might happen. Congratulations and best of luck!

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