Hi everyone! I am new to circle of moms thing. I was wondering my daughter is 3 months old and shekeeps throwing up even after 2 hours of feeding her. Dr did ultrasound and everything came back normal. Just wondering if there is anything I can do?


Christina - posted on 11/22/2012




My daughter had reflux.....she threw up everytime after she had her feed. I tried everything from putting rice cereal in her milk to buying thick expensive formula to make it heavy in her stomach and stay down, sometimes it worked, but other times it didnt. It is the flap by the throat and stomach that is not properly developed yet and tends to come out with every cough, fart or moan. It was horrible, but it was soon over and got less and less the older she got and the more stronger her body and organs got. It is hard to go through this, i was in tears nearly 90% of the time and had sleepless nights watching her so she doesnt choke in her sleep.

The doctor did an xray where they poured some strange liquid down her throat and watched it go down through her throat and everywhere till it got to her stomach and it was all fine.

Its just something they grow out of.

Good luck and hope you manage

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