Hi Everyone! What can i do so that little boy sleep in his own bed


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Heidi - posted on 07/31/2009




Make his room special. During the day play with him in his room, talk to him about his really "cool" bed. Keep telling him that you think his bed is a "big boy" bed. Let him pick our his favorite blanket to sleep with at night. Try to get him to take his naps in his room. If it's easier at first for him to fall asleep with you or on the couch watching a movie, let him, then put him back in his bed once he is asleep. Eventually he will realize that his bed is where he is supposed to sleep. I have a step-son who sleeps with his mom at her house, but at our house he sleeps in his bed, takes naps in his bed. He knows that at our house, he has his own room and bed. But I let him pick his bed sheets out, he sleeps with his favorite puppy. It's all routine and repetition that matters. It doesn't just happen over night.

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My Son is 16 months old. We have a baby gate in his doorway. If he gets up we let him cry it out. The 1st night was an hour and he fell asleep by the door (I moved him to bed). The 2nd night was 20 minutes and he made it 1/2 into bed (I put him all the way in after). The 3rd night was 10 minutes and he made it all the wayinto bed himself.

I think if they fall asleep on the uncomfy floor they are motivated to try and make it to their beds the next time. If I went and kept putting him back into his bed he would just keep getting up angrier.

Kylie - posted on 07/31/2009




my son is 3 and he has only just started staying in his own bed, its so hard with some kids. u just have to keep trying.

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