hi mamas we are tryinhg to conceive our second child and i'm not sure if my periods are out of wack now?/ our son is 17 months old and still nursed-only at night now. I just for my period back sept 9 and then on the 10 of Oct. so I thought I was 30 day cycle but its almost the 15 and nothing yet. I took a pt but it came out negative a couple days ago. could I still be?? I feel very tired all the time and another thing I thought odd was my friend recently had a baby,he was 6 Weeks early so he was small and when I saw him I got so dizzy i.coukdnt see straight and though I was going to puke,I had to leave,also my son gave me a bite of banana and I threw up (don't like them though) maybe these things are just ironic though. so i'm just wondering how long I should leave without my period before I go see a doctor maybe a blood test think I could still be preggo?


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Kristy - posted on 11/17/2012




It's always a possibility that you're pregnant. Try not to get too anxious or over think it. Sometimes if you over think, you make your body think that you are indeed pregnant which results in pregnancy symptoms. The mind is a crazy thing. I would wait at least another couple weeks. Have fun with trying to get pregnant. If you try every month and keep thinking you are it will just bring your spirits down! So enjoy the process and have enjoy! Baby dust to you!

Roxi - posted on 11/15/2012




I'd wait until about a month or two of no period and keep on using HPT once a week to check, if you don't want take a trip to the doctor for nothing. Just make sure that during those times that you think you might be pregnant, you're eating healthy and that you're not doing any activities that may pose any harm to the baby.

I get those times too that I think I'm pregnant, last time lasted 2 months without my period. I had used a lot of HPTs!

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