hi my son is 13months old and wont sleep in his onw bed can any1 help me


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Yolanda - posted on 04/14/2009




Its a matter of patience and persistance. They need to be put in the bed and when they leave it to be put back again, they soon gove in, u'll feel like ur losin the will 2 live but it works, a few nights of it an their sorted, or a baby gate up but that can sometimes make them worse as in scream and scream, but thats your choice. We had 2 get our daughter back in her bed, we tried the gate and she screamed and pulled it off the wall, so we would just keep puttin her back in her bed, read her stories, made her feel comfortable. Good luck!!

Kylie - posted on 04/13/2009




Ok, there is a few things you could do you just need to decide which plan of attack you want to take You could go the tough love route and teach baby to sleep in his crib by leaving him to cry to sleep for a few nights until he gets the message that this is where he sleeps however this does not always work and it’s usually really stressful for the whole family.

It is quite difficult to make the bed change at this age so you will have to take it slowly if you choose a gentler approach. Make sure you have a good bedtime routine in place Bath, book, bed (with mum at first if this is what he is used to) You want him to feel happy and confident about bedtime as this will set him up to be a great sleeper in the future. Perhaps you could put a double mattress on the floor in his room so you can lay down with him at bedtimes and once he is asleep you leave. Or perhaps a single bed in your room so he gets used to sleeping on his own mattress but he is near you. I transitioned my daughter from the family bed at around 2 so it was a lot easier because she understood the idea of having her own “special room” and I used a little reward system which she responded really well to. We put glow in the dark stars on her ceiling and let her choose colors for her bed sheets It may be worth sticking with the co-sleeping until he is old enough to understand fully the need to move into his own room.Good Luck!


Joy - posted on 04/13/2009




Is he still in a crib? I think he might be too young for a real bed...

If he's in his crib that's good because he won't keep getting out of bed. Having a bedtime routine will help him wind down.

Maybe you could get him an interesting mobile to watch until he falls asleep. There's also a line of plush animal nightlights from Cloud b that are really cute. They project stars onto the walls and ceiling that can change colors. You can get it at Dillards.

Angela - posted on 04/13/2009




My daughter is 16 months old and she has tried to sleep with me but I've had to be tough with her and show her that the olny place to sleep is in her crib..she gave me a hard time for a couple of nights by crying and playing by herself for an hour. I didn't go in there or try to talk to her and after a couple of nights like that she went to bed at bed time and it is no loger an issue. Hopefully thats helps a bit :)

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