Hi, Recent Single Mother- Any1 Have Any Advice? : ) TY.

Amy - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, I am a recent single mother- had to get out of a bad situation with the father of my child. I moved out of state but in lonley times it is hard for me to not communicate with him. It starts off nice, him being apologetic, then comes the manipulation, then the blame, sarcasam that is not a lit funny, and then anger and more blame. It is a constant circle. I dont know why I would keep going back and talking to him... I guess with that small grain of hope that he would change- at least for his child...But I know that he cant be a good father nor a good man to me. And a happy mommy is a happy baby too. My lil man is at peace now, I see a change in him so positively since we left him, and I want him to stay that way and even better! :) Does anyone have any advice on how to keep myself- what to tell myself when I am tempted to communicate with this man? I know its a bit deep, but hopefully someone can give me some constructive advice. Thank you.


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Alysha - posted on 09/18/2009




I am in the exact same situation....UGH! it's so frustrating sometimes...but we need to be strong, my ex does the exact same thing, and sometimes i argue with him, but honestly, it doesn't pay off in the end. you need to learn to ignor his stupid little remarks and be the bigger person, eventually he'll realise what he's missing out on with his child. My ex hasn't seen my son since Fathers day, he makes the plans and he says when he wants to see him, I'm not about to go out of my way and change plans for him to see the child that he doesn't seem to give a shit about. I love my son with all my heart and I am doing very well on my own, you can do it too :), if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to msg me I'm always willing to help someone out.

Stephanie - posted on 09/17/2009




focus on your child, do you want your child growing up in an unstable enviroment, children pick up vibes and they effect them in different ways, im a single mam and i love it, i get to make all the rules, yes i can get lonely and i hate my ex for leaving us but thats life, it happens to loads of people every day and i just had to focus on my child. do what u think is right.

Rachael - posted on 09/17/2009




Before you even call him think about your child. Is it the right thing for him? It is hard to be a single mom, but the love of your child will keep you strong. It was a good thing to do to pull your child out of a bad situation? When you get tempted to call him, think about the future of your child living in the same house as him. Call someone else to talk about it. Your family and friends. The most important thing is your childs happiness. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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