Hi what is the best age to start weaning baby onto jar foods? x


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Tanya - posted on 09/28/2009




Your baby will still have breast/bottle when eating jar foods - you will probably be eliminating a feeding your baby will set a schedule, as you know us parents just go along with our little babies because there bodies will tell them what they need... All babies are different but by 6 months you should be starting Baby Cereal, Veggies and then Fruit , some babies will want to start jar food sooner.. also baby cereal is important for them to because the iron in breast/formula milk isn't enough for babies 6 months and older baby cereal has lots of iron :) you don't need to give meats until later so sticking with the cereal and Veggies and Fruits at first will be enough when you get tired of the same old foods then it maybe time to start new ones... Remember introduce one new food a week (or at least 2 to 3 days) so if there is a allergic reations to it you'll know what your baby is allergic to.

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6 months. They don't need anything but breastmilk or formula before then. That's when I started weaning my son onto table foods. He's now a little over a year old, and eats pretty much everything.

Christine - posted on 09/28/2009




My little guy sort of let me know himself. Formula wasn't enough so at 3months I was mixing a little rice cereal into his bottles. At 4months we started with the beginner baby foods, just foods like apple sauce and bananas. See what your baby likes. I was told to try some vegetables too.

My son is 7months old now and eats almost anything you give him.

Hope you have a good time ezperimenting with baby food. It's a blast!

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